sad and mad

sadness is something i am familiar with... in fact, i love to cry, i think it is such an interesting physical expression of emotion. and at times i find great joy in both the physical and the energetic release, and at other times i just feel so tired of crying that i think i can never do it again. but... i do. it's something i let come and go as it pleases. but anger... anger is something that in the past i didn't allow myself to really feel, and if i did it was a delayed reaction, and it would usually have sadness sitting right on top of it, and it was always hard to get to. but i am learning about anger right now, what it means to be in the present moment with anger that has fire. anger that can transform. and i have to say sometimes it just feels so good to get really mad. to allow myself to get angry. because i have every right to be. 


  1. i just wanted to say how much i appreciate your blog your thoughts and there is something to anger. it doesnt have to ruin you it can actually help at times. thanks again.

  2. thanks so much Shellie!

    yes, i totally agree, sometimes anger is appropriate, and we should allow ourselves to feel it, and allow it to move us forward!
    but you don't want to stay in it... it's good to have healthy anger, but not to linger.
    i'm also learning to hold both love and anger at the same time, and not sacrifice the anger to stay in the love. you can have both at the same time. they can both be the truth.