february // new moon


Wolf Moon
Sunday February 10th, Aquarius, 12:20 am PST

Many people are saying we are still in the intensity of what we were facing around December 21st of last year, which was such a huge opening and such a profound energetic shift (one i think our bodies are still trying to catch up with, which i think is why everyone has been sick this season). But I really feel that after January's Full Moon that the heavy energy lifted with the completion of a full moon cycle. And while I won't deny that the last three months have been very challenging on many levels, I feel grateful to have come through the other side and look ahead to the magic that this spring is bringing to us. I have this gut feeling that this spring is going to be so magical, healing, and full of so much joy, and many happy surprises. I see it coming!

Last month I talked a little bit about why I love New Moons and their darkness so much. But they also have a very important physical effect on us as well. Think about the moons effect on the tides, on great bodies of water, or even smaller ones like our own bodies. I am always grateful when a New Moon arrives because it usually feels like a release, a break from the pressure of the Full Moon. The New Moon pulls water up, and this creates an uplifting feeling, a feeling of lightness. It allows us to physically feel a sense of growth and movement towards our goals. Which is why it is important to make wishes on the New Moon. For centuries, farmers have used the New Moon energy to plant their crops, and we can use this same energy to plant intentions and make wishes. 

This month the moon is in the sign of Aquarius, and is a perfect time to make wishes about the bigger picture of your life, things that will effect you down the road. Imagine pulling back from the present moment and being able to look down and see the whole picture of your life... what would you wish for for yourself? Aquarian energy will allow you to not be emotionally weighed down by your present circumstances, but will help you to see more objectively where you want to go and what you want to move towards. This New Moon is a good time to wish about long term goals, innovative ideas, friendships, knowledge, altruism, and unexpected surprises. Don't hold back!

You are allowed a maximum of ten wishes and they must be hand written on paper. And be specific! For strongest potency wish within the first 24 hours of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will do. And as always, having a witness to your voice gives it more power, take time to share them with someone you love and trust. 

One more note, because of some planetary transits and alignments, this is a time where you might feel you can no longer count on what guided you in the past. You might be feeling old wounds coming to the surface of times where you trusted and you were deeply hurt. There are lessons there. This is a time where we are reconfiguring our relationship to trust, and what we trust, and who we trust, and why. A yearning for something or someone worthy of your trust is dawning. 

And my last quick thing to share is... it's a good time to be eating root vegetables. I don't know why I keep getting that, but I am being urged to share it. So... do with it what you will!

Happy Wishing!