full moon // february


Snow Moon
Monday, February 25th, Virgo, 12:26 pm PST 

Hello lovely moon lovers. This post will be rather short compared to the regular ones. I am recovering, resting and processing the big changes I have been through these past months, but mostly these past two weeks. 
Also - I have started an archive of the Moon posts if you would like to reference any of them. See the new section on the right. 

Big shifts and changes are happening for us all, they might be ancient, and might feel as if tectonic plates are shifting deep within. This Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo with the opposing sun in Pisces. Virgo speaks to the body and Pisces the soul. Virgo to the real, Pisces to the ideal. Let the light of the Virgo Full Moon shine on how we live out our ideal in our daily lives... how our desires are realized in our life. Let it be a guide to align you, and let your life be a mirror of your desires, wishes and dreams. This is a very magical and spiritual time, and Virgo energy cultivates honesty, integrity, and purity. 

This is a wonderful time to reflect back on your New Moon Wishes from earlier this month, it's also an ideal time for looking within and starting some sort of meditative practice, find your deepest inner peace and sense of connectedness. Let it be something to anchor yourself in during all this change and as heavy emotions arise (always around internal shifts and especially with the full moon). Spend this time around the Full Moon focusing on things that lift you up: humor, friendship, community, and celebration. Honor these big changes you are feeling. Lots of deep healing is taking place.
Be present and aware, playful and joyous. 

Amazing things are coming our way! 

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