love is everywhere

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

This is one of my favorite holidays... because I love LOVE!
I love love and it's many forms and expressions. And I think of this day a bit differently than maybe it was intended. In fact, a lot of things kind of make me a bit bonkers about today: all the hearts and lace, I think red, pink and white are among the worst color combinations ever, I think that a lot of sentiments expressed today are insincere and manufactured, and I find any holiday that makes you feel lonely and bad about yourself if you aren't in a relationship insulting. But all ranting aside, I still love what today represents... to me. 
To me it isn't about romantic love, it is just about love. Period. Today is a day I think we should be celebrating and honoring love in all forms. The love we have for those in our hearts and even (maybe more importantly) the love we have for ourselves.
Love is something I have been learning a lot about lately. And I have been sitting here all morning writing and rewriting this post on love. I feel I have so much to say about it, as I have recently thrown my old definition of it out the window, and am on a life long quest to discover what it is. Although I am at the beginning of redefining what love is for me, I have a few thoughts on it at the moment, it boils down to this.

I think love is an act of faith.
Love is not something you choose, it chooses you.
Love does not become stronger as the self diminishes. 
You must be brave to love, and to allow yourself to be loved.
And if you are lucky enough to be chosen by it you must follow it and not shy away from it out of fear. 
Yes, love can cause pain, but I believe in loves greater power, and that is loves ability to heal. 

So today, my beloveds, I hope you share the infinite love you have in your heart with those in your life, and I hope you feel an immense amount of love in return. It is everywhere. 


  1. Beautiful thoughts<3. I love Love in all forms as well. :)

  2. Oui! I too love the Love. Nice words really. xo
    ~ Mehul
    Architectural Stone

  3. thank you all for your comments

    wishing you all EPIC LOVE in your lives!