from around

- loving these playfully arranged books by artist Nina Katchadourian, see more here (i have that Van Gogh book)

- the delightful underwater photos of Bruce Mozert, this one is the best!

- solitary bee houses... amazing

- watch this video of Nick Cave's whimsical horses graze and dance through Grand Central

- from Wilder's fall 2012 issue, Psychedelic Geodes, shot at one of my favorite places on earth

- i love Brancusi, and I am mesmerized by this film shot by Man Ray

- a great write up of the Laura Owens show by Andrew Berardini (yes, i am still obsessed with this show)

- check out my super talented friend, Ben Medansky, on Apartment Therapy! I seriously want everything this dude makes

- supernova dust was found in a meteorite. It was revealed that former British spies used to use semen as invisible ink. The Lybian oasis bee of Kufra were found to have lived in hibernation for the past five millennia... and other fascinating facts here (i love stuff like this)


kokedama workshop

A very special kokedama workshop with the amazing Lili of Tigers to Lilies.
Materials fee: $35
Limited space (this is filling up fast) RSVP to helpdesk@artbookstand.com

THURSDAY April 4 th / 6 - 9 PM

The Standard HOLLYWOOD

hope to see you there!


full moon // march


Crow Moon
Wednesday, March 27th, Libra, 2:27pm PST

I am so happy to be out of the heavy emotional tide of Pieces energy, and moving happily into the light and social energy of Libra. Phewww... that was an intense and challenging few weeks. But, this new energy is in perfect harmony with that of Spring! It is a wonderful time to be out and about, being creative and social, and having fun. You will also likely feel a boost of energy from the moon in Libra that will help you to be more productive. 

Libra is all about balance and harmony, and it couldn't be a better time to look at the ways to create more balance in your life than a week after the Spring Equinox, as it is a time of equal day and night. There are many important ways in which we must create balance in our lives: giving and receiving, working and resting, social and alone time, doing and being, masculine and feminine, and even looking at the ways your emotional and physical body are in balance. Tightness in your right shoulder? This is the masculine side of the body, what could you be holding there? Might be worth thinking about. 

Also, because the opposing Sun is in Aries be sure not to take on too much fire energy, and watch your sugar intake as it could be burning out your adrenals (i had this last week from go go going, not fun). Maintain your acid-alkaline during moon time. Also watch for headbangs, wounds, accidents, or too much anger (heat). Remember, this time is about balance, so if these things are flaring up do something to cool it down with anything that uses water energy. 

Also, this Full Moon is a "monster moon"! With out getting into the details about what this means, just know that things could be more eruptive, drastic and intense than normal around this particular Full Moon. Harsh realities about your life or who your partner is could be smacking you in the face. The truth may be hard to face, but now is the time to do so, not three years down the road. 

Happy Full Moon!
Enjoy this amazing Spring weather!

Alexander Calder, Snow Flurry, 1948


opening night // plants: our silent guardians

Thank you to all of you who came out on Thursday night!
It was a huge success on top of already being such a lovely and fun evening.
I wanted to post some photos from the festivities... forgive the massive amount of sharing done below. It was just so pretty, and the talented (and adorable) Lani captured it perfectly. I couldn't resist going overboard...

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing Lili for inviting me to be a part of this collaborative magic. And the Standard for being such wonderful, generous and effortless hosts. And to the inspiring Claire and Book Stand. And to all of the people who helped make this possible and helped out during the shoots and instillation.

There has already been some amazing press: Los Angeles I'm Yours, Flavorwire, LA Racked, and Flavorpill.   

Coming up...
Lili and Claire and I are putting together a little booklet of our process from the last four weeks, with interviews, photos, recipes and more! I will let you know when those are available. 
And a whole series of workshops and tastings are going to be taking place until April 21st. I will post them when the schedule is set!


happy spring

Spring is here!

It's official. A day of equal nights. Where the sun sets and rises in equal time. 
I love the Spring... romance always seems to be blossoming along with the fragrant blooms. 
It's a wonderful time to think about what you would like to renew in your life, and what is maybe on it's way to blooming! Spend time in the sun, plant your feet on the warm rich earth, sing with the song birds, eat the offerings from your garden, and open up and receive what you have been working so hard for. 


tomorrow night

It's coming together!

me hand drawing text on the wall on sunday night, Lili overseeing the instillation of her kokedama garden (it's amazing!)
me drawing a healing bouquet on the front windows of The Standard today, and also doing some hand lettering for Book Stand
Ben Medansky ceramics in the Book Stand pop-up, and a studio shot - printing the custom Book Stand for Plants: Our Silent Guardians tote bags


The Standard
Thursday, March 21st
7- 9 pm


book stand @ the standard

BOOK STAND @ the Standard
in part with Plants: Our Silent Guardians

see a small selection of the books on plants here
and pop in to see the amazing shop starting this Thursday the 21st
March 21st - April 21st

also, i saw a small peek at Lili's kokedama's today! they are amazing!
photos by Stella Berkofsky



These are some stills Claire sent over from our shoot last Sunday. 
Aren't they incredible!?
The colors!

See Claire's film on Thursday night at The Standard.