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- loving these playfully arranged books by artist Nina Katchadourian, see more here (i have that Van Gogh book)

- the delightful underwater photos of Bruce Mozert, this one is the best!

- solitary bee houses... amazing

- watch this video of Nick Cave's whimsical horses graze and dance through Grand Central

- from Wilder's fall 2012 issue, Psychedelic Geodes, shot at one of my favorite places on earth

- i love Brancusi, and I am mesmerized by this film shot by Man Ray

- a great write up of the Laura Owens show by Andrew Berardini (yes, i am still obsessed with this show)

- check out my super talented friend, Ben Medansky, on Apartment Therapy! I seriously want everything this dude makes

- supernova dust was found in a meteorite. It was revealed that former British spies used to use semen as invisible ink. The Lybian oasis bee of Kufra were found to have lived in hibernation for the past five millennia... and other fascinating facts here (i love stuff like this)

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  1. lauren, i think we need to take a field trip to the gem room at the natural history museum here !