full moon // march


Crow Moon
Wednesday, March 27th, Libra, 2:27pm PST

I am so happy to be out of the heavy emotional tide of Pieces energy, and moving happily into the light and social energy of Libra. Phewww... that was an intense and challenging few weeks. But, this new energy is in perfect harmony with that of Spring! It is a wonderful time to be out and about, being creative and social, and having fun. You will also likely feel a boost of energy from the moon in Libra that will help you to be more productive. 

Libra is all about balance and harmony, and it couldn't be a better time to look at the ways to create more balance in your life than a week after the Spring Equinox, as it is a time of equal day and night. There are many important ways in which we must create balance in our lives: giving and receiving, working and resting, social and alone time, doing and being, masculine and feminine, and even looking at the ways your emotional and physical body are in balance. Tightness in your right shoulder? This is the masculine side of the body, what could you be holding there? Might be worth thinking about. 

Also, because the opposing Sun is in Aries be sure not to take on too much fire energy, and watch your sugar intake as it could be burning out your adrenals (i had this last week from go go going, not fun). Maintain your acid-alkaline during moon time. Also watch for headbangs, wounds, accidents, or too much anger (heat). Remember, this time is about balance, so if these things are flaring up do something to cool it down with anything that uses water energy. 

Also, this Full Moon is a "monster moon"! With out getting into the details about what this means, just know that things could be more eruptive, drastic and intense than normal around this particular Full Moon. Harsh realities about your life or who your partner is could be smacking you in the face. The truth may be hard to face, but now is the time to do so, not three years down the road. 

Happy Full Moon!
Enjoy this amazing Spring weather!

Alexander Calder, Snow Flurry, 1948


  1. I find your way of interpreting the moon phases easy to read, relevant, and very useful - even if I am in the Southern Hemisphere. Please continue writing them! :)

    1. thank you so much! you comment made my day!