new moon // march


Crow Moon
Monday, March 11th, Pisces 12:51 PST

Sigh, my New Moon is here again, the beginning of a new lunar cycle. I was just thinking about what a magical time it is right now, looking out my window I saw a hummingbird, for me this is always a joyous sign and conformation. When I say magical, I mean that the veil between our literal world and what lies on the other side has become so thin, that great mysteries are revealing themselves to us. Even if it is painful, it is truth. And to be in the truth is so magical and powerful. I am finding this out so intensely on a profound personal level right now (as I typed that I felt the earthquake here in LA! wow! A literal experience from the earth of what I feel is happening in my soul. A huge shift! A realigning!).  

Because this veil is so thin, and we have more access to our own inner truth it is important to have awareness about where our feelings are coming from, especially during this time when we are feeling so much! Some may be from our thoughts created by our mind, some may be coming from our ego, and others come from our heart and our soul. Our soul is where we access our truth. It is a perfect time during this New Moon to practice and strengthen your awareness of this, and catch yourself when you come from the mind or ego. Both can do very tricky things to hold you back from experiencing yourself, and life, and love fully. But if you can start to identify when you are coming from your heart or the truth of your soul, I promise you, you will be a powerful force in this world!

This New Moon is in the sign of Pisces. Which means that you may have been feeling lots of emotions coming to your surface, maybe even emotions so new to you that you can't even give them a name. At times it may feel like you are swimming deep in an ocean of emotions, it can feel quite intense. This is the watery energy of Pisces, it is very healing and it's where the wisdom of the feminine is found. Piscean energy is also loving, gentle and compassionate. (You may be feeling the flip side of this which might be driving you into addictions that allow you to escape.) Use the energy of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars which are all conjoined in the sign of Pisces to connect to something divine, the balance of the ebb and flow of the tides, union, creativity, art, healing, compassion towards others (and yourself), dreams, and romance.   

And don't forget to make your New Moon wishes! You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be handwritten on paper. The most powerful time to make your wishes are within the first 24 hours of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will be fine.

While making your wishes, take a moment to make sure it is really something you desire. Mercury is in retrograde right now. This is the planet of communication, and while it is in retrograde it can create confusion and make decision making difficult. If you use the higher vibration of it, it can help you heighten your inner awareness. (You Gemini's and Virgo's may be feeling this more intensely than the rest of us as you are ruled by Mercury.)

Also! Enjoy the extra hour of daylight! I can already feel how it is lifting me up and giving me more energy. The Spring Equinox is on it's way to us next week. Start to feel the forward motion of a rebirth and Spring blossoming around us!

Happy wishing!

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