opening night // plants: our silent guardians

Thank you to all of you who came out on Thursday night!
It was a huge success on top of already being such a lovely and fun evening.
I wanted to post some photos from the festivities... forgive the massive amount of sharing done below. It was just so pretty, and the talented (and adorable) Lani captured it perfectly. I couldn't resist going overboard...

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing Lili for inviting me to be a part of this collaborative magic. And the Standard for being such wonderful, generous and effortless hosts. And to the inspiring Claire and Book Stand. And to all of the people who helped make this possible and helped out during the shoots and instillation.

There has already been some amazing press: Los Angeles I'm Yours, Flavorwire, LA Racked, and Flavorpill.   

Coming up...
Lili and Claire and I are putting together a little booklet of our process from the last four weeks, with interviews, photos, recipes and more! I will let you know when those are available. 
And a whole series of workshops and tastings are going to be taking place until April 21st. I will post them when the schedule is set!


  1. So, so beautiful! I wish I could have been there for the opening, but so happy it's still up for a little while so that I can have the pleasure of experiencing the magic! xoxo

    1. you were missed Joanna!
      but we are having some workshops coming up - i am leading one at the end of April, on medicine pouches! hopefully you can make it, i will get the dates up as soon as i have them!

  2. Lauren: What a beautiful post! Looking through all of these images let me relive the emotions of magic that were felt on that very special opening ceremony night for us. Thank *you* for being a part of the magic. What a stunning, wondrous group of lovely individuals who showed up for us that evening huh? I am rather speechless and so humbled when I look at it all. How very grateful I am to be surrounded by such beauty + inspiration ALL THE TIME---truly. Thank you again for always believing in me, Lauren. You are my shooting star.