a connection

Something has been unfolding since Friday night, it has been gaining in momentum as the hours pass, reaching it's peak of clarity this morning, sitting here on this rare grey Los Angeles day, at my table, with my tea, in front of my computer. A collage of events colliding. 

I was having an email exchange this morning with my friend Christine, about a Conversation we saw this past weekend at Paris Photo between Phil Collins and Sharon Lockhart. At one point Collins said that he believes that ultimately you become an artist to fall in love (at which point C and I both grabbed something from our bags on which to write this down, it resonated with both of us so deeply in various ways). Each of them talked further about the very personal connections they make with the subjects they photograph, and how they hope that this intimate connection can be felt by the viewer. And this morning as we wrote to each other I started to think that not only is this true for me as an artist, but I think it is also true for me as a viewer. I think on some level, through some kind of osmosis of viewing, I hope I get the experience of feeling even just a moment of this kind of intimacy and connection, a kind of falling for something that I don't have control over, to be overcome and taken by something. I want to create and experience a closeness, maybe not a comfortable one, but something honest. To give something, and to receive something of the same cloth. We wrote back and forth about this, and in our exchange it became clear to me something that hit me so hard last night because of an amazing email from a reader of this blog... that in art, in relationships, in life... we crave connection. We want a witness.

Without weaving in and out of all the ways this is tying in and showing up in my life right now, I will leave it there. But, (very connected to all of that) I want to also say thank you. Thank you to all of you who read this blog. Thank you to all of you who I don't know, but who are out there connected in some way. Thank you to all of you who have written me some of the most beautiful and moving emails about how you are effected by what I write and share here. Thank you all for being a witness for me. I have always thought of making art, and what I express here in ideas and experience and writing, as an act of faith. I think of this space as a place to connect and share, and yet it sometimes feels so removed and abstract to me (the very nature of the internet i guess)... void of true and meaningful connection. But, to those of you who have reached out and trusted me with your stories, I thank you for showing me that it can in fact happen. You have taught me more than you know. The biggest lesson being that when you value and trust your voice and risk by putting something out in the world, its rewards will circle back and return to you. 

(I also read this amazing post this morning, yet another piece in the collage that is unfolding before my very eyes. I'm posting at 11:11am in your honor K)

painting by Landon Metz


from around

from around... Sunday edition

- just read this... Death of a Revolutionary. An amazing article on Shulamith Firestone by Susan Fauldi in the New Yorker. Super fascinating. 

- a great slideshow of photos from inside the Judd Foundation (my favorite shot is of this Larry Bell piece) 

- the history of the Oujia Board

- Claire's beautiful film, Wild Rose Water, for Plants: Our Silent Guardians is now up on-line, please check it out... it's dreamy. (and..... costume and lettering by me)

- now... on to something I talk a lot about over the dinner table with my family, but never here... my dad just finished racing in the Tour Auto Obtic 2000 in France. He was the copilot and navigator in a 1965 Alfa Romeo (part of only one of two US teams). Out of 312 starters they finished 11th! Pretty awesome. 5 day rally race, 12 special stages/hillclimbs, 4 circuit races, 2,500km, Paris, Le Mans, Orleans, Vichy, Albi, Limonges, finished in La Rochelle (map). He wrote to me in an email this morning: "the French Police generally looked the other way. We were fueled by adrenalin, vin rouge, and sufficient testosterone to sink a boys prep school." He is hilarious. 

- sadly Richie Havens died (Dolphins is one of my favorite songs). (Another fact about my dad is that he has a memory like no one I know, he is a professional nostalgist of sorts, and is an obituarist by hobby and sends emails when any person of note dies with a write up of their life, with facts and stories about his own life and how they impacted him weaved in... yes... i know... I'm already on it... trying to get him to start a blog... it would be amazing...) anyway, he sent me the link to the NYT and I just loved this part: Mr. Havens played many songs written by Mr. Dylan, and he spent three days learning his epic “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” A man who heard him practicing it stopped him on the stairs as he headed for the dressing room of a nightclub, and told him it was the best he’d ever heard the song sung.
“That’s how I first met Bob Dylan,” Mr. Havens said.

Superbox cabinet, Poltronova, 1966
Setiechinopsis Mirabilis


full moon // lunar eclipse // april


L  u  n  a  r      E  c  l  i  p  s  e

Pink Moon
Thursday, April 25th, Scorpio, 12:58pm PST

With this Full Moon comes a Lunar Eclipse, the first of three eclipses happening in a row over the next few weeks (the next being a Solar Eclipse during the New Moon on May 9th, and again another Lunar Eclipse on the next Full Moon, May 24th). This is a really exciting time with lots of energy and awareness to be utilized. This is a good time to do some reflecting on who you are, and what you want in your life. You will surely be tested during this time. Think of the Eclipse like a teacher showing up to make sure you have mastered the lessons, met the challenges, gathered the knowledge and experiences needed to grow and evolve. Be grateful even in the difficulty you may be feeling right now, you are actually being prepared and given gifts. Spend some extra time thinking about what you wish and desire in your life, the period between eclipses is especially powerful for manifestation (I can not stress this enough, utilize it!). During the next few weeks be particularly aware about what you are putting your focus on, where your energy is going, what thoughts are in your head, where your actions and words are taking and leading you. Let it all be towards where you wish to go.

This Full Moon and Eclipse occur between the opposites of Scorpio and Taurus, you may be feeling the pull of their opposing energy. The Scorpio a fixed Water sign who embraces the depth of the dark ocean and the unknown, mystery, transformation, sex, death and birth. And Taurus being an Earth sign with a focus on the experience of the senses and the pleasures of physical embodiment. Because of Scorpio you may be feeling a sense of isolation and vulnerability, and wanting to keep your feelings and experiences to yourself. This Scorpio Full Moon brings to bear the energy of transformation, it's time to reach through your fears and trust your intuitive voice and creativity, it's time to claim and share your truth and deep wisdom, and experience the power of your expression in the world. (being a Scorpio i love this energy, but it has been an intense few days). It's time to live your life with a greater sense of authenticity and empowerment. During this time you are readying yourself for something BIG! Use the energy of the Scorpio to go deeper and see the truths of who you are and what you want, and prepare yourself for transformation. And if you are a Scorpio you will be feeling all of this that much more intensely(!), the difficulty and the rewards. 

Also, during this time, pay attention to your dreams, and I feel writing is also especially important. Take some moments over the next weeks and do some writing, it might help you work through an issue, bring clarity, or perhaps some message might come through you. Writing is so healing.  

Whistler, Nocturne in Black and Gold


plant & mineral workshop

I wanted to share some photos from my workshop last week at Book Stand for Plants: Our Silent Guardians. Everyone got to learn a little bit about different minerals and plants, their meaning and healing ability. They each got one of the guides I made and at the end of the evening chose their own minerals and plants for their personal medicine pouch. We did some fun intuition exercises (despite peoples initial resistance, everyone got really into it), we chatted about palo santo and dried tobacco, had lots of laughs, drank some yogi chai, ate some homemade cookies with rosemary chocolate (which i made!), sprinkled with sea salt (yum!)
Thank you to all who showed up that evening, each of you brought your own magic and made it so much fun for me!

thank you thank you
and thank you to Claire at Book Stand for being our lovely hostess, and to Jenni at the Standard & Lili

all photos by Claire and Lili


plant & mineral guide || volume one

//   NEW  \\

now available in the SHOP

P  L  A  N  T     &     M  I  N  E  R  A  L     G  U  I  D  E


the first in a series of hand drawn guides on plants and minerals, their uses and meanings

In this volume you will find:
- folklore about rosemary and a recipe for a Healing Rosemary Bath
- information on Smudging & Clearing; how to burn sage, palo santo, sweet grass and more... 
- a mineral guide with information on: quartz, kyanite, lepidolite, green calcite, apache tears, green amethyst, pyrite, fluorite, black tourmaline and amethyst

order here


closing night

The symbiosis of plants and milk : a demonstration, tasting and beer party by Chris Vamos of Milk Man Cheese Services.

RSVP to helpdesk@artbookstand.com

Friday April 19th / 7 - 9 PM


join us for the final event at BOOK STAND's pop up at the Standard as part of our month long residency Plants: Our Silent Guardians

and tonight come check out a free talk by Alexis Smart on homeopathic flower remedies

see you there!


craft day

Last month Cheri, Lili and I decided to have a craft day at Claire's. We were joined by the lovely Leigh of Synonym Journal. We put together a delicious spread of food; Claire made a frittata with herbs from her garden, Lili brought fresh juice and canelles and goat cheese from the farmers market, and I made some homemade blackberry jam. This day was super special and mixed with emotions, creativity, and friendship. I had just gotten back the night before from being at home in IL, and it was Cheri's last day before going back to Paris, and it was also a little farewell to Claire's house before her move. The feeling of melancholy and gratitude was in the air. I love the colors and winter sunshine in these photos. Thank you ladies for such a day of beauty!

see Cheri's photos here



Happy Monday!

Thought I would share some photos from this last winter. 
(see summer and fall)

Every December 16th my brother and my mum's best friend and I go to New York to celebrate my mum. We had a wonderful time sharing stories and memories over amazing dinners. I was able to spend a whole day, from open to close, at the Met (a dream) and an afternoon at the Natural History Museum. 

A working breakfast at Cafe Gitane and a final lunch at Pastis

A quiet Christmas morning with Ava... gifts under my tiny tree with my grandmothers Scandinavian holiday decorations. Ava, napping after opening so many gifts... it just wore her out. 

I was lucky enough to get to spend Christmas with my dear friend Kate and her amazing family. My presents for Christmas day, and a birthday card I made for Kate. 

Working on a new series of paintings in the studio. The photo on the left is a map I had to make of the composition, since the paintings are almost black... it's hard to keep my bearings on what's going on in the darkness.  

Learned how to make meringues, these were anise almond. Had a lovely dinner party at Claire's, her miso soup is out of control good. 

winter light & morning hikes

Went home to finish cleaning and clearing out the house. To say good bye. 

I photographed lots of treasures. On the left is an amazing white leather top my mum had made in the late 80's. And on the right is a sketch my grandmother had done for her series of mushroom paintings. 

Also found a bunch of my things from my dollhouse. 

Light coming in from the stained glass windows. On the left was a large negative I found that was of one of my grandfathers designs for a lobby. 

A few tubes of my grandmothers paints. Back in LA, a lovely ladies day and lunch at Cortez with Claire, Cheri and Lili

My first morning back in LA after saying good bye to my family home, tired and grateful I treated myself to a yummy breakfast from Cookbook and sat in the much needed sunshine. It's really the small things, it all seems not that special, but something about this moment was so full of specialness for me. Then came home to this thoughtful and sweet welcome home bouquet from Lili. 

Had the girls over for afternoon tea. And the first signs of Spring, acacia picked on a walk.