chasing the muse


I wanted to share the post I wrote for The Standard Culture on the paintings that are inspiring me as of late. I have been looking at a lot of paintings of flora and fauna, and nocturnal landscapes... finding little bits of inspiration for the new series of paintings I am continuing to work on of the woods at night. 

Check out the full post here!

And also see Lili's round up of spring wildflowers, and Claire's feature on Book Stand 

thank you to the Standard and to Jenni and Rachel

Silke Otto-Knapp, Garden (Moonlit), 2011


  1. i just read the whole thing Lauren and it is sooo good. thank you for sharing such beautiful pieces of art--thanks to you i discovered Silke Otto-Knapp's painting 'Garden' (Moonlight). spellbinding. I hope that I get to see all of the paintings you mentioned in person on this round of my journey through this era.

    p.s. I also really love J-H Fragonard's 'The Swing.' You nailed it: the hints of pink, the trees, the clouds, the textures...simply captivating.

    1. yeah!
      so glad you liked it!

      yes, Silke's work is pretty rad! you should try to find some images of her paintings of LA, lots of washy palm trees and the huntington gardens... i have a book of them if you want to borrow it. they are great and i think you would really like

      and yes! Fragonard is THE best! in school my main teacher once said in a lecture, "if you woke an art historian up in the middle of the night and asked him who was a more influential and important painter, David or Fragonard.... he would say David..." (pause) "fuck David!"
      like him, my answer will always be Fragonard!
      a secret gem of art history