craft day

Last month Cheri, Lili and I decided to have a craft day at Claire's. We were joined by the lovely Leigh of Synonym Journal. We put together a delicious spread of food; Claire made a frittata with herbs from her garden, Lili brought fresh juice and canelles and goat cheese from the farmers market, and I made some homemade blackberry jam. This day was super special and mixed with emotions, creativity, and friendship. I had just gotten back the night before from being at home in IL, and it was Cheri's last day before going back to Paris, and it was also a little farewell to Claire's house before her move. The feeling of melancholy and gratitude was in the air. I love the colors and winter sunshine in these photos. Thank you ladies for such a day of beauty!

see Cheri's photos here


  1. This is a really cool idea! I'm envisioning 'thank you' cards...I bet pomegranates would work really well too!