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from around... Sunday edition

- just read this... Death of a Revolutionary. An amazing article on Shulamith Firestone by Susan Fauldi in the New Yorker. Super fascinating. 

- a great slideshow of photos from inside the Judd Foundation (my favorite shot is of this Larry Bell piece) 

- the history of the Oujia Board

- Claire's beautiful film, Wild Rose Water, for Plants: Our Silent Guardians is now up on-line, please check it out... it's dreamy. (and..... costume and lettering by me)

- now... on to something I talk a lot about over the dinner table with my family, but never here... my dad just finished racing in the Tour Auto Obtic 2000 in France. He was the copilot and navigator in a 1965 Alfa Romeo (part of only one of two US teams). Out of 312 starters they finished 11th! Pretty awesome. 5 day rally race, 12 special stages/hillclimbs, 4 circuit races, 2,500km, Paris, Le Mans, Orleans, Vichy, Albi, Limonges, finished in La Rochelle (map). He wrote to me in an email this morning: "the French Police generally looked the other way. We were fueled by adrenalin, vin rouge, and sufficient testosterone to sink a boys prep school." He is hilarious. 

- sadly Richie Havens died (Dolphins is one of my favorite songs). (Another fact about my dad is that he has a memory like no one I know, he is a professional nostalgist of sorts, and is an obituarist by hobby and sends emails when any person of note dies with a write up of their life, with facts and stories about his own life and how they impacted him weaved in... yes... i know... I'm already on it... trying to get him to start a blog... it would be amazing...) anyway, he sent me the link to the NYT and I just loved this part: Mr. Havens played many songs written by Mr. Dylan, and he spent three days learning his epic “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” A man who heard him practicing it stopped him on the stairs as he headed for the dressing room of a nightclub, and told him it was the best he’d ever heard the song sung.
“That’s how I first met Bob Dylan,” Mr. Havens said.

Superbox cabinet, Poltronova, 1966
Setiechinopsis Mirabilis

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