full moon // lunar eclipse // april


L  u  n  a  r      E  c  l  i  p  s  e

Pink Moon
Thursday, April 25th, Scorpio, 12:58pm PST

With this Full Moon comes a Lunar Eclipse, the first of three eclipses happening in a row over the next few weeks (the next being a Solar Eclipse during the New Moon on May 9th, and again another Lunar Eclipse on the next Full Moon, May 24th). This is a really exciting time with lots of energy and awareness to be utilized. This is a good time to do some reflecting on who you are, and what you want in your life. You will surely be tested during this time. Think of the Eclipse like a teacher showing up to make sure you have mastered the lessons, met the challenges, gathered the knowledge and experiences needed to grow and evolve. Be grateful even in the difficulty you may be feeling right now, you are actually being prepared and given gifts. Spend some extra time thinking about what you wish and desire in your life, the period between eclipses is especially powerful for manifestation (I can not stress this enough, utilize it!). During the next few weeks be particularly aware about what you are putting your focus on, where your energy is going, what thoughts are in your head, where your actions and words are taking and leading you. Let it all be towards where you wish to go.

This Full Moon and Eclipse occur between the opposites of Scorpio and Taurus, you may be feeling the pull of their opposing energy. The Scorpio a fixed Water sign who embraces the depth of the dark ocean and the unknown, mystery, transformation, sex, death and birth. And Taurus being an Earth sign with a focus on the experience of the senses and the pleasures of physical embodiment. Because of Scorpio you may be feeling a sense of isolation and vulnerability, and wanting to keep your feelings and experiences to yourself. This Scorpio Full Moon brings to bear the energy of transformation, it's time to reach through your fears and trust your intuitive voice and creativity, it's time to claim and share your truth and deep wisdom, and experience the power of your expression in the world. (being a Scorpio i love this energy, but it has been an intense few days). It's time to live your life with a greater sense of authenticity and empowerment. During this time you are readying yourself for something BIG! Use the energy of the Scorpio to go deeper and see the truths of who you are and what you want, and prepare yourself for transformation. And if you are a Scorpio you will be feeling all of this that much more intensely(!), the difficulty and the rewards. 

Also, during this time, pay attention to your dreams, and I feel writing is also especially important. Take some moments over the next weeks and do some writing, it might help you work through an issue, bring clarity, or perhaps some message might come through you. Writing is so healing.  

Whistler, Nocturne in Black and Gold


  1. Thank you, Lauren. All ringing true over here! Really ready to tackle this period of time. xoxo

    1. YES! Joanna! you cam to mind while i was writing this!
      especially the part about manifesting and writing!
      you get 'em!!

  2. Thank you for this info! I sounds intense!