plant & mineral workshop

I wanted to share some photos from my workshop last week at Book Stand for Plants: Our Silent Guardians. Everyone got to learn a little bit about different minerals and plants, their meaning and healing ability. They each got one of the guides I made and at the end of the evening chose their own minerals and plants for their personal medicine pouch. We did some fun intuition exercises (despite peoples initial resistance, everyone got really into it), we chatted about palo santo and dried tobacco, had lots of laughs, drank some yogi chai, ate some homemade cookies with rosemary chocolate (which i made!), sprinkled with sea salt (yum!)
Thank you to all who showed up that evening, each of you brought your own magic and made it so much fun for me!

thank you thank you
and thank you to Claire at Book Stand for being our lovely hostess, and to Jenni at the Standard & Lili

all photos by Claire and Lili


  1. could you tell us a little more about the intuition exercises? sounds fascinating!

  2. Hi Sahell... the exercise is a little difficult to describe... it's better experienced. but the main thing to be paying attention to is to start to learn how your intuition works. the more you listen to it the stronger it will get. and notice when you follow it how the universe (especially nature) can send you conformations. you can use these as guides or signs. if you start to bring your awareness to how your intuition is working through you you can literally start to get super refined with it, and read how it is showing up... maybe goosebumps mean a certain thing for you, and then go deeper, are they on your arms, up your back... it all means something. it is really just about strengthening it through listening to it. and you can do this every day.

  3. also... one more important thing... if you are second guessing....... that second guess isn't your intuition... it's your brain. you will never be able to get to your intuition through your mind.