Happy Monday!

Thought I would share some photos from this last winter. 
(see summer and fall)

Every December 16th my brother and my mum's best friend and I go to New York to celebrate my mum. We had a wonderful time sharing stories and memories over amazing dinners. I was able to spend a whole day, from open to close, at the Met (a dream) and an afternoon at the Natural History Museum. 

A working breakfast at Cafe Gitane and a final lunch at Pastis

A quiet Christmas morning with Ava... gifts under my tiny tree with my grandmothers Scandinavian holiday decorations. Ava, napping after opening so many gifts... it just wore her out. 

I was lucky enough to get to spend Christmas with my dear friend Kate and her amazing family. My presents for Christmas day, and a birthday card I made for Kate. 

Working on a new series of paintings in the studio. The photo on the left is a map I had to make of the composition, since the paintings are almost black... it's hard to keep my bearings on what's going on in the darkness.  

Learned how to make meringues, these were anise almond. Had a lovely dinner party at Claire's, her miso soup is out of control good. 

winter light & morning hikes

Went home to finish cleaning and clearing out the house. To say good bye. 

I photographed lots of treasures. On the left is an amazing white leather top my mum had made in the late 80's. And on the right is a sketch my grandmother had done for her series of mushroom paintings. 

Also found a bunch of my things from my dollhouse. 

Light coming in from the stained glass windows. On the left was a large negative I found that was of one of my grandfathers designs for a lobby. 

A few tubes of my grandmothers paints. Back in LA, a lovely ladies day and lunch at Cortez with Claire, Cheri and Lili

My first morning back in LA after saying good bye to my family home, tired and grateful I treated myself to a yummy breakfast from Cookbook and sat in the much needed sunshine. It's really the small things, it all seems not that special, but something about this moment was so full of specialness for me. Then came home to this thoughtful and sweet welcome home bouquet from Lili. 

Had the girls over for afternoon tea. And the first signs of Spring, acacia picked on a walk.


  1. So much beauty in these photos and words, lovely Lauren. You are a gem.

  2. o wow...
    what a beautiful winter this has been
    pictures, words, drawings
    (especially in love with those flowers and the tiny vase...)

    1. thanks so much for your sweet comment!!
      yes... aren't those flowers amazing. the vase is by my friend Ben Medansky. perfect duo!

  3. How beautiful and inspiring.
    Plus! The birthday card for Kate reminds me a lot of my logo for Malamadre (http://www.welcometomalamadre.com).
    Thanks for this post!

    1. thanks so much!
      and yes! how funny! it does look like your logo!!!

  4. Replies
    1. thank you LOVELY!!!
      love love love you too my dear friend! :)