charles e king

Back in November there was a retrospective on my grandfathers architecture.
Because of this my dad had to dig through lots of old photos and slides of his work.
I recently went through them again and wanted to share some here. I have posted on him two
times before, my favorite is this one, and another time here (along with an amazing story about Frank Lloyd Wright)

the next four photos are of the house my dad grew up in

we still have all of this furniture from this house. i just moved this leather woven lounge chair into my apartment, as well as the black leather ottomans on the left

sitting in one of those dining chairs right now

lobbies and office buildings

i love this home

a home in FL

i love this photo, that is Charles sitting on the right


  1. incredible. you must be happy to come from such talent. xx

  2. this is amazing, lauren. so, so inspiring and i see where all of your talent and passion comes from! so happy you were able to hold onto the furniture! it's stunning. xo

  3. outstanding. mesmerizing. inspiring.

  4. wow astounding design. thank you for these awesome photos lauren. dream furniture too:)

  5. lauren, these are incredible!! your grandfather was brilliant and so are these photographs. such beautiful light and lines.
    thanks for sharing these. how very special to think that it is part of your cloth.


  6. you come from such a long line of astounding artists - no wonder you're such a genius!!!

  7. thank you all!!!
    yes... he was amazing!
    i feel very very lucky!


  8. oh, wow. these are all so amazing! ugh, you are just oodles of cool aren't you!! x Dana

    1. ohh... Dana, this made me laugh out loud... you are too sweet my dear ;) lets see each other soon ok? xo