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sorry I have not been posting as much, I am in the middle of a super intense Panchakarma. Detoxing on all levels, it's been quite a journey, reawakening and discovering my body in a whole new way. But, I have two more days left, so next week I will be back. 
In the mean time...

- saw The Great Gatsby... and I have to say... not a fan... except for Leo. No one has ever looked so good in pink linen pinstriped pants. It made the $15 I spent on the movie ticket and sitting there watching the rest of the nonsense totally worth it. Also, read this really interesting piece on the real flappers of the 1920's, early feminists for sure. Pay particular attention to the part of Zelda Fitzgerald's "Eulogy on the Flapper" from 1922, so good.

- planing a trip to Italy... a treat for myself. All I want to do is lay in the sun and swim in the sea... all day... every day. The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Pozatano, Favignana, Sardinia, hot springs, the Blue Cave... then up the coast to the South of France, then to Paris. Any recommendations would be so welcomed!

- the lovely, charming, and talented Cheri was so sweet and did a post on her studio visit with me when she was in town a few months ago. The studio is a bit of a mess and lots of older stuff hanging out in there, I am beginning to pull together a show for November (very excited! i'll keep ya posted). Thank you Cheri! 

- love Dior's Resort 2014 collection! Brilliant! I will be needing this, this and this, thank you. 

- can't wait to see this round up of shows, Richard Hawkins, Silke Otto-Knapp (love her), & James Turrell at LACMA

- more pink colored water (because pink is the best color), pools colored by beta carotene

- #i'mobsessedwithhashtags

david hockney painting his pool

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