full moon // lunar eclipse // may


L  u  n  a  r     E  c  l  i  p  s  e 

Planting Moon
Friday, 24th of May, Sagittarius, 9:25pm PST

Today was the last of the three consecutive eclipses, and tonight is a Super Moon, which means the Moon is closest to earth, and the moon, sun and earth are in alignment to each other creating a straight line. 
These past three moons have certainly been powerful ones when it comes to thinking about the future, during this time I have definitely been able to feel into the future and today especially I keep getting glimpses of mine. It has also been a very creative and productive time thanks to the energy of the eclipses, I feel like lots is getting done and being readied for the future, lots of preparing and planting of seeds. 
This is a wonderful time to tap into the feminine and learn to receive. What gifts are coming our way due to our hard work, who is showing up for us that we have been asking for, what wishes are coming true in our lives, what attention is coming to us because we are stepping up and into who we are meant to become, what rewards are coming our way from us risking?
Honestly, this Full Moon I feel a little at a loss as to what is going on, I can't quite put my finger on it, I do feel we are in the middle of something big. I feel like lots of things are being set into motion, lots of beginnings are at play. I just keep thinking about that moment when you toss confetti up into the air, and that one single moment it hovers before it all falls into place. That's where I feel like we are. 
We are stepping into something, and I ask the light of this Full Moon to show us the way. 

Helen Frankenthaler


  1. Lauren, I just wanted to tell you -- after over a year and a half of reading your blog consistently -- that I love the way you phrase your thoughts and perfectly curate them with the images you find inspiring. More than once (and this is one of those times -- we can blame it on the Full Moon), I've felt as though I was peering into a reflection of myself.

    Admiring your world (well, one of them) from afar,


    1. wow
      Sara, this is such an amazing thing to wake up to and read. thank you. you have no idea how touching it is to read your sentiments. it really means a lot to me, and helps fuel what happens here.
      happy sunday to you,