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S  o  l   a  r     E  c  l  i  p  s  e  

Pink Moon
Thursday, 9th of May, Taurus, 5:29pm PST

Here we are, in the middle of three consecutive eclipses. With this New Moon comes a Solar Eclipse, and this one is said to be one of the most powerful eclipses of our lifetime. As I mentioned last month during the Full Moon, the time around eclipses is an especially powerful and potent time for manifestation, so given that we have three in a row is extraordinary! The energy is palpable. 
You know that phrase, be careful for what you wish for, it might come true...? Well, keep that in mind right now as the universe is listening to every thought and wish and dream and word. Be extra aware about what you are asking for and wanting. Use the energy of the opposition between Taurus / Scorpio to help you tap into to what you truly value, love and have worth for in the truth of your heart. That may be a good question to ask yourself over these next weeks: What is the truth of my heart? Listen to what it says. And honor what you hear. You might be surprised by the amazing places it will lead you. 

Because this eclipse is so powerful, along with it we will get an added boost of energy in our creative powers. This has been showing up so strongly for me in the last week, I have been feeling this and thinking about it a lot already. Think about all the ways you are creative in your life... as an artist, a writer, a problem solver, a mother, a manifester. Think about all the ways you create something new in the world... taking energy, putting it together, moving it around, combining it, transforming it... this is creation. Weather it's a painting, a book, a new home, a partner, a baby... it's all creation. Tap into this energy and use it in your life, it is so powerful and abundant right now!

Just to mention briefly, you might notice a lot of stuff coming up around your relationship, where you might be feeling into places that are off balance or feeling unequal, this is to be expected. Pay particular attention to fears that might be coming up around your relationship. Also, Taurus rules the neck, throat, tongue, thyroid, voice... as well as banking, beautiful possessions, what you value and accumulate... notice if you feel a block in any of these areas during this time. 

Now... on to New Moon wishes! Yay! You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be handwritten on paper. Within the first 24 hours is the best time for wishing, but within the first 48 will do. Pay very close attention to what you are wishing for this month, as always New Moons are a time when you want to be clarifying and setting in to motion what you want to create in the next moon cycle. But, because this New Moon is so powerful with it's Solar Eclipse, be very aware and precise about what you are wishing. As always, sharing is caring, having a witness makes everything more powerful. Share them with someone you love and trust, or feel free to leave a few in a comment. 

Happy wishing!

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  1. i have to say, lifting reading this.

    also, what is the relationship between taurus/scorpio? that is you & i ;)

    fascinating. thank you Lauren!