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- i was lucky enough to get to see Pedro Almodóvar's new film last night, I'm So Excited! it was brilliant! i had so much fun, and can say with certainty it is my favorite film this year.

- i am head over heals for this lemonade stand

- totally creepy, and kind of amazing... opal dentures 

- i have a secret and deep love for Balinese Gamelan music... so i was extra excited when a friend shared this cover of the Gang of Four... the clapping is the best!

- Cheri sent this to me... William Wegman and Man Ray on Late Night, it looks like it is from the late 70's. we were chatting and saying how amazing it is that artists used to be on Late Night talk shows... talking about DaDa and Conceptualism. pretty Amazing.

- being a Midwest transplant to the West Coast, i thought this was pretty interesting... you say pajamas i say pijAmas... how do you pronounce words differently than the rest of America?

- i laughed out loud at this... #hamlethumor

- currently obsessed with these drawings by Jack Hass, expressions of the alchemy of his unconscious.

- a great feature on the history of light in art: the pioneers, the rising stars, and the market - part 1part 2

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