full moon // june


Strawberry Moon
Sunday, June 23rd, Capricorn, 4:32 am PST

Happy Summer Solstice (which was Friday) and Happy Full Moon (super moon)! We are at a point in the year where the days are longer and we have the most light as the Sun is reaching it's most Northern position, I love this time of year. There is something really special about long summer days. I feel everything is lighter, and slowing down, more peaceful and centered, more joyful and grounded. The Sun in now entering into the sign of Cancer, a water sign known for it's feminine emotion, strong sense of compassion, gentleness, and it's need of a connection to home and family. How do you feel you are expanding into the light of the day with the energy of Cancer?

While the Sun is pulling us up into Cancer energy, the Moon is pulling us down into the opposition of Capricorn. You may feel a little more weighed down since last months Full Moon, the energy of Capricorn has a tendency to be authoritative, critical and serious. You might feel more focused on getting the task done than you do on going out to "play". While I feel that we can all find some freedom that comes along from being structured, try to find some balance. Call in some of this summer light and energy from the Sun, and remind yourself the value of "play" and enjoying the day. But, not without the positive aspects of the Capricorn and it's strong ability to make commitments and create structures that will help guide us where we wish to go. 

Happy Summer!

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