June 26th to July 20th

I talk about the sun and the moon... and now it's time to talk about Mercury! 
I thought it might be a good call to post a little something about Mercury since it just went in to Retrograde yesterday, it is already hitting me and causing lots of problems, but there are good aspects to this next three week period as well. 

Three or four times a year Mercury slows down, and appears to stop and then move backwards, this is just an optical illusion. And what does this mean? Well, it depends on your sign, but in general, because Mercury is moving through the sign of Cancer you might notice that you feel more drawn to thinking about family and home and the deep emotional connections you have in your life with people. 
The planet Mercury is the messenger, and when it goes into Retrograde it is a time where messages or information can get lost en route. This can happen quite literally (getting lost, delayed flights, lost baggage, lost letters), or more subtly: mental confusion, misunderstandings and miscommunications.
This time has also been known as an inopportune time for making big decisions, plans, purchases, or singing contracts. It is best to hold off on all of this until the end of this period, but if you must just be sure to read the fine print, double check the details, confirm plans etc... And you may also notice electronics and computers (objects ruled by Mercury) having problems. This is a time of confusion, mistakes and mishaps. 

While all activities pertaining to the outer world may be going array, it is a time to connect to what is going on in your internal world. It's a great time to be doing meditation, reflecting, writing, or finishing projects. This is an opportune time to get in touch with how you are really feeling about things in your life. Use this time to focus on yourself internally, get things in order and reconnect to your true self. 
This is also a time of "fated events" so notice who you meet and what is revealed. It's also a time when things can return from our pasts. These people or ideas have returned to help us move forward. It's time to review, reevaluate and reexamine. 
This is a powerful time for sending wishes and good vibes to those who you love, even those who may be in your heart but are no longer in your life. What you send will be received. It is the BEST time to do meditations and have encounters with those souls (perhaps even soul-mates) who you are connected to from past lives. 

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