I wanted to share some photos from the Zuni Fetish workshop on Saturday at Dream Collective
It was such a lovely afternoon: warm summer air, sunshine, refreshing lemonade, an animal totem meditation, bear medicine, feathers, minerals, laughs and getting creative!
Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies (and Timmi) who came out and made it such a fun day!
And a huge thank you to Kathryn and Lizzie at Dream Collective!

more workshops to come...

Happy Summer!

thank you to Claire for all the photos


  1. Serious question because you write such a thoughtful blog: Where do you come down on the problem of cultural appropriation? Or, how do you manage to educate, but not fetishize, indigenous culture? I know that commenters often drop by just to say "This is cultural appropriation." But this comment isn't intended to be accusatory or to trol. I'm just curious what your thoughts are on how to participate in a marginalized and minority culture without exploiting that culture.

    Definitely ordering a copy of the animal/mineral guide, it is gorgeous.

  2. Hi El,

    thank you for your thoughtful comment. it's funny... i felt this question coming a few days ago, so it's something i have been thinking about in regards to this workshop, and it's something i do think about in general.

    it's my intention to share the things that have meaning to me in my life, i spend a lot of time creating the workshops, and am very aware that i want the content to resonate, and have meaning, and help people to relate to the ideas (and really to relate to themselves, and to something much bigger than themselves). instead of what i see happening so much these days where people are just copying and appropriating an aesthetic. which, really bothers me. a lot of my choices are made based on this problem.

    i think the thing that gets lost if you don't actually get to participate in the workshop, and are just seeing photos, is that i am very mindful that i really want people to have an understanding of what they are doing, and why they are doing it. i share the history of the topic, and then the most important thing, that really is the thread through all of the things i talk about and share, is i try to communicate that it's about finding a relationship to these ideas, that it is about exchange and energy and intuition, and although it might be a practice that pre-dates us, we have a very real connection to it in the present. i want to help spark an opening and awareness in people.

    and i think that especially with Native American traditions, because of where we live, it is only natural to be drawn to the ideas and rituals of that culture. and the other part of it, for me, personally, is that it is something i grew up with. the Zuni fetishes, they are objects i had as a child because of my mum. everything i teach/share/put out there is something that i have a very personal relationship to. they are things that are really important to me.

    and it's also important to me that i'm not doing a DIY class where we make things without any awareness as to the history or meaning behind them. i really try to help people have a new level of awareness about what they are doing, choosing, making, interacting, where it comes from... etc...
    i actually don't want it to be DIY at all, to me it's not about copying something. i want people to have an experience where they actually understand and can relate to these ideas, and then create something of their own based on them. i think that having a real experience where you are hands on with something helps you connect to it and have a better understanding of it, and i think that it is important to learn more about our history as a country, and as people. and i think a way to do this is to relate the ideas to their every day lives, and this is something i try to do.

    and (sorry this is so long winded) then there is also part of me that feels that it's ok to choose the bits and pieces of things you relate to from others parts of the world, other religions, other cultures, other practices, spiritual or not. i think it allows for a kind of freedom to create something that is specific to us as individuals, instead of having to adopt something that has been created for us (i find that idea constrictive). so i am fine with having a connection to Zuni Fetishes, and yoga, and Ayurvedic philosophies, to pagan moon rituals, to African dance to open up the body, to astrology, to Chinese herbal acupuncture, to Balinese music ... to anything that resonates with me. but the important thing for me is that it's an honest connection to it, and it has to resonate with the things i believe in. that it's not surfacy, and it's not based on aesthetics, or trends. that i have an awareness of how i am using it and respect for where it comes from.

    i hope that answers your question. thank you for leaving it. i honestly think it is something important to think about these days, mostly with the whole wave of DIY going on.

    have a wonderful night,

    1. Thank you for that thoughtful, eloquent answer! It absolutely answered my question and helped me sort through my own thinking about the topic. Many many thanks for your time answering this question, and more generally the time you spend putting together such a great space.

    2. you are very welcome. that means a great deal to me.
      and i am happy you left the question you did, i am always happy to engage with people who are thoughtful and open.


  3. (Sorry I deleted my comment, ha... ack!)
    This class looks so full of light! Really great, wish I could move to be closer too:))) These workshops remind me of my youth, of the things I felt connections to or grew up around in my house as well, super wonderful. Thanks for doing these and your guidesl:^D I feel happy you are helping to bring this awareness!

  4. Thank you VANESSA /\ || *
    that is very kind, and means a lot to me
    it is touching to know that this strikes a cord with you
    i really wish you lived closer, but it makes me happy to know you are out there, in the world spreading your own brand of magic.