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a wonderful conversation with Laura Letinsky on Book Stand Journal


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so, i'm back!
i had the most amazing adventure! i can't wait to share photos
until then...

- check out Cheri's amazing post on Pierre Cardin's Palais Bulles, dreamy!

- i am a big fan of Wayne Kostenbaum's writing, and i am so looking forward to his new book, My 1980's and Other Essays, i have already pre-ordered a copy

- this amazing house in Uster, Switzerland is totally swoon worthy

- read about the incredible all female unit (nicknamed the Night Witches) in the Soviet Air Force during World War II, they were so good that the German fighters thought that they were injecting themselves with some sort of chemical that helped them see in the dark. Flying planes used for training made of rickety canvas and plywood, sometimes flying on 18 missions in one night, parachuteless, decorating their planes with flowers and using their navigation pencils as lipliner... these were seriously some of histories most awesome, brave, and badass women

- visiting Walter De Maria's Lightning Field has been on my long list of things i want to do in my life, sadly he passed away last week

- i got to catch up on my huge pile of New Yorker's on the plane, loved reading: this wonderful profile on Ed Ruscha, Paul Bloom's totally interesting piece Against Empathy (a must read), and this hilarious piece from their blog: Don Wears Out His Welcome

- Peter Doig gets ready for his show in Scotland 

- Deitch leaves MOCA, yeah!

- been really into listening to thisMbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest

- shows i can't wait to see this week: this group show at Cherry and Martin, Stef Driesen's new work at Marc Foxx (love his work), Grapevine at David Kordansky, Brion Nuda Rosch at ACME, Sam Falls work in the group show at Hannah Hoffman Gallery, James Turrell and Daniel Knorr at Kayne Griffin Corcoran   

- need some summer tunes? check out Claire's mix tape on Freunde von Freunden

- can't wait to see Woody Allen's new film, Blue Jasmine

?, ray eames, masanao hirayama


full moon // july


Buck Moon
Monday, July 22nd, 11:15am PST 

The energy around Full Moons usually feels a bit like a pressure cooker, and right now it feels like it is boiling.  The watery deep emotional energy of Cancer that we were feeling a few weeks ago in the New Moon is turning into more impersonal and withdrawn energy as the Moon enters into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, so you may feel yourself less connected to your emotions and your heart, and more in your head about things. It may be easier for you to engage in activities that are more intellectual or involve some problem solving. If need be, you can use the gift of the Aquarius to pull back to see the bigger picture. This is a good time to contain your energy a bit, and take a moment to listen to what is beating inside of you, try to feel what is pulling you, what direction you are being asked to take. Think about the bigger picture of your life. You can think of it like a tread that is reaching out into the future, what is on the other end of that, what is calling to you? If you feel the need to reach out and connect to others during this time, think about doing humanitarian activities that help the community, or give back in some way. Take part in something that is for a greater change in the world, helping the collective takes on more importance than the personal during this time.  
The sun enters the opposing sign, Leo. You can balance the cool and impersonal nature of the Aquarius with the energy of the Lion, and it's ability to radiate it's essences from the heart. Leo energy is all about expressing the core self in a joyful, dramatic, and colorful way! Find ways these next few weeks to get in touch with this, be playful, and being in the Sun is also a great thing to do right now. 

Happy Summer
Happy Full Moon

* on a personal note, my South Node is in Aquarius and my North Node is in Leo. Your South Node is the knowledge you have come into this life with, and the North Node is what you are learning about in this life. If you would like to find out your North and South nodes check your Natal chart, or this was the best guide I could find for a quick reference. 

Scientists study the phases of the moon on lunar models in preparation for an eventual manned flight to moon.


new moon // july


Strawberry Moon
Monday, July 8th, Cancer, 12:14 am PST

When the moon is passing through a water sign, as it is now, our emotional bodies ask for more attention. Our needs are strong, our feelings and desires are deep as we seek a stronger connection to home, family, and tribe. 
Cancer is ruled by the Moon and it's greatest concern is that of home, but also the foundation of the self. Just as we connect to and understand our ancestors and our lineage, I think it is important to have an equal understanding of how we are being asked by our souls to transform. I am facing this challenge right now, and it is a difficult one, as I have such a strong connection to where I come from. But, there are times in our lives when holding on to something no longer serves us, and we must let go to discover more of who we are in order to evolve. 
I think that is one of the most amazing things we can understand about our purpose in life, that we are here to evolve our souls, and at times heal our lineage. And it is through an understanding of where we come from, and seeing the places that are not healthy, that we can find the motivation and power to transform. Most of the time this asking is not a choice, but more of a demand placed on us. It can hit us in the face, it can be painful to go against our nature, or to break away from something we all feel such a deep connection and bond with, it is where we came from after all, and it is what has shaped us. I think it is especially difficult to make a conscious choice to do so, and at times it feels like a betrayal, our ancestors are what created the world and us, and put the two together. But, as we wrestle with these changes and fumble our way through evolving, we can also choose to have gratitude for our past as we make a choice for a different future. 

Since we are in the New Moon were the moon is completely dark it seems like an ideal time to address our own darkness. This is also something that I have been going through on an intense level this past month. And as I have had a really uncomfortable month, feeling my own darkness at my surface, with little light to be found, I have learned that the dark is what makes the light brighter. When I say darkness, I mean your shadow. Just sit there a moment and ask to connect to your shadow, feel what comes up for you. Your shadow is made of the things that you repress and spend all your time pushing down, avoiding, and denying (and if you deny them for too long they can erupt in an unhealthy way). See if you can, if even for a moment, look into it, and have the courage to face it and allow all of it be witnessed. It won't over take you if you have an awareness of it. Darkness is the place of transformation, it is a place of no thing, and in that, it is a place of all things. Darkness, if integrated, is really powerful. This is what has been happening to me, and I was made aware of it through a dream I had last week. After a month of being so uncomfortable in my own darkness, and not being able to escape it, I had a dream that actually showed me how important this time has been. That it is creating more wholeness within, as I accept all parts of myself. And as I said before, it is making my light brighter and more true and authentic, as the light is no longer a denial of anything. Just as we acknowledge the cycles of the New Moon, and the night sky, let us take time to acknowledge our own darkness within. It is a powerful energy. 

Now, on to New Moon wishing... during this time you are allowed ten wishes maximum, all wishes must be handwritten on paper, and this must be done with in the first 24 hours of the time of the New Moon, but with in the first 48 is ok too. Because the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer it is an ideal time to wish about anything relating to home, family, relationships, gaining a greater sense of personal security, asking for clarity about your true feelings on something, or even getting in touch with your emotions on a deeper level. Remember that Mercury is in retrograde, so really check in with yourself and be sure it is how you are truly feeling. Be clear.
Since Cancer is a water sign, it is also a wonderful time to connect to anything related to water. This could be your emotions and feelings, or it could be more literal, like spending a day near or in the ocean. 

Happy wishing!

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My dreams of sunning and swimming in the Mediterranean are finally coming true!
Today I leave for Italy and France for a little over two weeks. I am giddy! Packing supper minimal, as I plan to be in a swim suit 80% of the time. I can't wait to share my discoveries and my adventures when I return. Until then, these links will keep you busy. I will still be doing my regular Moon posts! So, check back for those. 

Ciao! Bisous!

- a little write up about one of my favorite designers: Dieter Rams

- i am such a fan of Leigh, and her journal Synonym... and was super flattered to see that she mentioned the blog and the Moon Posts in her "round-up" of things she is reading and inspired by. Thank you Leigh!!!

- check out Laurie Nye and Jennifer Rochlin's show, The Crystal Eaters, & Illuminations at Richard Telles (so good) 

- wish i could have seen this Gabriel Orozco show, beautiful

- a conversation between Dries Van Noten and Elizabeth Peyton

- kids on Feminism 

- i am still bananas for Pedro Almodovar's new film, I'm So Excited, I can't stop thinking about it. Read his notes on comedy

- ten useful words for which there are no English equivalent, my favorite: Esprit de l'escalier: The brilliantly witty response you didn't think of until too late. French

Roger Caillois, The Writing of Stones. 1970.

- i wanted to point out an interesting exchange i had with a reader concerning the workshops i have been leading, i was really happy to get her question, and thought it might be one others had as well. Check it out here in the comments section. 

on the plane, i will be...
- reading: this (oh my gosh! Mad Men! #donhasaproblem #everyonesmovingtola #bobbenson), my friend Charlie's hilarious new book, finishing this (i think this book is written about me), and re-reading this (clues about a past life)
- listening to: this (obsessed), this, this, this, this (she's such a badass), this, this & this... (such a random mix of stuff, i know, i know...)     



some photos from this spring
(see winter, fall and last summer)

Winter temps rolled in this Spring for a few days, Jessie took this on our walk to Sqirl for breakfast one morning. 
A portrait of Ava I took. 

I was so lucky and I got to see my super talented friend Kate in a play in New York, The Drowning Girls. She blew me away!

I was only there three days, but was so happy to spend them with such dear friends and what feels like my second family. We had a huge Easter dinner at Freeman's (one of my favorite spots). Kate and I made place cards for everyone. 

My new travel bag. 
I got to spend a good two hours in Kremer Pigments. A dream!

My favorite movie theater in NYC. 
Spent some time in the morning at MOMA before I headed to the airport. It was a little bit of a marathon, but wonderful. This was my favorite thing I saw, so surprising and inspiring. 

Lili's flowers in the courtyard - & rescuing yet another sphinx moth

Spring time flowers, cherry blossoms and jasmine. During the few weeks when jasmine is in bloom is my favorite time of year. The smell is intoxicating.  

Hanging out in the sun at Barnsdall
Spring time light at Tortoise.

Girls day with Claire: brunch at Axe, then to Moon Juice...

... gem and mineral show and then to see Bari Ziperstein's amazing show at Emma Gray's new space

a day at the beach - & making a clay sculpture for the Urs Fischer show at MOCA (incredible!)

one of my many trips to my friend Ben Medansky's studio, I always get into trouble. 
And working on some drawings for two dear friend's wedding. 

more spring time flowers

closing of Plants: Our Silent Guardians at the Standard, a night of friends and cheese making and nettles!

Paris Photo with Christine!

at Modernica, watching how they make their fiberglass chairs. I have a secret desire to work there, I am fascinated. 

a golden hour walk with Ava - & a lovely dinner outside with friends at Claire's

yet another trip to the gem, mineral & fossil show - & a card I made for a friend who is having a baby!


my new jade cucumber for luck

my kitchen
my sweet dad sent me ten silver dollars and this beautiful Alexander Calder card he found in my grandmothers desk

spring cleaning in the studio - & old art, paper sketches

& a night out to kick off the summer!

here here to an amazing summer!

(all photos from instagram: sphinxandmilkyway)