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My dreams of sunning and swimming in the Mediterranean are finally coming true!
Today I leave for Italy and France for a little over two weeks. I am giddy! Packing supper minimal, as I plan to be in a swim suit 80% of the time. I can't wait to share my discoveries and my adventures when I return. Until then, these links will keep you busy. I will still be doing my regular Moon posts! So, check back for those. 

Ciao! Bisous!

- a little write up about one of my favorite designers: Dieter Rams

- i am such a fan of Leigh, and her journal Synonym... and was super flattered to see that she mentioned the blog and the Moon Posts in her "round-up" of things she is reading and inspired by. Thank you Leigh!!!

- check out Laurie Nye and Jennifer Rochlin's show, The Crystal Eaters, & Illuminations at Richard Telles (so good) 

- wish i could have seen this Gabriel Orozco show, beautiful

- a conversation between Dries Van Noten and Elizabeth Peyton

- kids on Feminism 

- i am still bananas for Pedro Almodovar's new film, I'm So Excited, I can't stop thinking about it. Read his notes on comedy

- ten useful words for which there are no English equivalent, my favorite: Esprit de l'escalier: The brilliantly witty response you didn't think of until too late. French

Roger Caillois, The Writing of Stones. 1970.

- i wanted to point out an interesting exchange i had with a reader concerning the workshops i have been leading, i was really happy to get her question, and thought it might be one others had as well. Check it out here in the comments section. 

on the plane, i will be...
- reading: this (oh my gosh! Mad Men! #donhasaproblem #everyonesmovingtola #bobbenson), my friend Charlie's hilarious new book, finishing this (i think this book is written about me), and re-reading this (clues about a past life)
- listening to: this (obsessed), this, this, this, this (she's such a badass), this, this & this... (such a random mix of stuff, i know, i know...)     


  1. Have the most wonderful time! Enjoy enjoy enjoy<333

    1. THANKS VANESSA! at the airport now!
      CIAO BELLA! xoL