from around

so, i'm back!
i had the most amazing adventure! i can't wait to share photos
until then...

- check out Cheri's amazing post on Pierre Cardin's Palais Bulles, dreamy!

- i am a big fan of Wayne Kostenbaum's writing, and i am so looking forward to his new book, My 1980's and Other Essays, i have already pre-ordered a copy

- this amazing house in Uster, Switzerland is totally swoon worthy

- read about the incredible all female unit (nicknamed the Night Witches) in the Soviet Air Force during World War II, they were so good that the German fighters thought that they were injecting themselves with some sort of chemical that helped them see in the dark. Flying planes used for training made of rickety canvas and plywood, sometimes flying on 18 missions in one night, parachuteless, decorating their planes with flowers and using their navigation pencils as lipliner... these were seriously some of histories most awesome, brave, and badass women

- visiting Walter De Maria's Lightning Field has been on my long list of things i want to do in my life, sadly he passed away last week

- i got to catch up on my huge pile of New Yorker's on the plane, loved reading: this wonderful profile on Ed Ruscha, Paul Bloom's totally interesting piece Against Empathy (a must read), and this hilarious piece from their blog: Don Wears Out His Welcome

- Peter Doig gets ready for his show in Scotland 

- Deitch leaves MOCA, yeah!

- been really into listening to thisMbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest

- shows i can't wait to see this week: this group show at Cherry and Martin, Stef Driesen's new work at Marc Foxx (love his work), Grapevine at David Kordansky, Brion Nuda Rosch at ACME, Sam Falls work in the group show at Hannah Hoffman Gallery, James Turrell and Daniel Knorr at Kayne Griffin Corcoran   

- need some summer tunes? check out Claire's mix tape on Freunde von Freunden

- can't wait to see Woody Allen's new film, Blue Jasmine

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  1. such a good round-up lauren ! i can't wait to see blue jasmine either ! let's go !!!

    1. yes! lets totally go!!


      ps- i love that you make it into almost all my "from around" posts hahaha! ;)