some photos from this spring
(see winter, fall and last summer)

Winter temps rolled in this Spring for a few days, Jessie took this on our walk to Sqirl for breakfast one morning. 
A portrait of Ava I took. 

I was so lucky and I got to see my super talented friend Kate in a play in New York, The Drowning Girls. She blew me away!

I was only there three days, but was so happy to spend them with such dear friends and what feels like my second family. We had a huge Easter dinner at Freeman's (one of my favorite spots). Kate and I made place cards for everyone. 

My new travel bag. 
I got to spend a good two hours in Kremer Pigments. A dream!

My favorite movie theater in NYC. 
Spent some time in the morning at MOMA before I headed to the airport. It was a little bit of a marathon, but wonderful. This was my favorite thing I saw, so surprising and inspiring. 

Lili's flowers in the courtyard - & rescuing yet another sphinx moth

Spring time flowers, cherry blossoms and jasmine. During the few weeks when jasmine is in bloom is my favorite time of year. The smell is intoxicating.  

Hanging out in the sun at Barnsdall
Spring time light at Tortoise.

Girls day with Claire: brunch at Axe, then to Moon Juice...

... gem and mineral show and then to see Bari Ziperstein's amazing show at Emma Gray's new space

a day at the beach - & making a clay sculpture for the Urs Fischer show at MOCA (incredible!)

one of my many trips to my friend Ben Medansky's studio, I always get into trouble. 
And working on some drawings for two dear friend's wedding. 

more spring time flowers

closing of Plants: Our Silent Guardians at the Standard, a night of friends and cheese making and nettles!

Paris Photo with Christine!

at Modernica, watching how they make their fiberglass chairs. I have a secret desire to work there, I am fascinated. 

a golden hour walk with Ava - & a lovely dinner outside with friends at Claire's

yet another trip to the gem, mineral & fossil show - & a card I made for a friend who is having a baby!


my new jade cucumber for luck

my kitchen
my sweet dad sent me ten silver dollars and this beautiful Alexander Calder card he found in my grandmothers desk

spring cleaning in the studio - & old art, paper sketches

& a night out to kick off the summer!

here here to an amazing summer!

(all photos from instagram: sphinxandmilkyway)


  1. i love all of these so much lauren ! and i love that i figured out how to comment again !! xx

    1. hahaha! me too!!!!
      keep 'em comin'