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- saw the Beyond Brancusi show at the Norton Simon, so good. I love that museum

- kind of loving this show in this space !

- clever... the chart of famous eyewear 

- a wonderful piece on Leonora Carrington, her book The Hearing Trumpet is one of my favorites

- found this on one of my favorite blogsSaskia Moore's Dead Symphony - "a contemporary symphony, comprising many documented accounts of music heard during near death experiences." Amazing right? I so wish I could have experienced this

- this past week I have been super into this song, and this song (swoon), and humming/singing this song nonstop 

- been working hard on finishing my thesis, and a little blue this week (end of summer blues, or... something... it's really something else, but i am pretending it's related to summer ending), and I stumbled upon this doing research, watched it again, and nearly fell over laughing. It's so hilarious I can hardly stand it. I needed a good laugh  

Pieter Bostoen

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