full moon // august


Grain Moon
Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, Aquarius, 6:45pm PST

The energy of this Full Moon feels really activated, and it wants to be in motion, it is a really good time to get your body moving! Energy around Full Moon's is always active, volatile, and emotional, and this one seems to be gathering extra emotions. You can imagine it visually that as the Moon holds more light it is also holding more emotion (usually emotions that are more extroverted, New Moon is more about going within), and since we are so effected by the pull of the Moon it is really pulling all of these extra emotions into our energy field, or pushing up ones we have been ignoring. And the best way you can process and transform emotions is through moving. It's not the mind (like the Air Aquraian sign wants), you can't think your way out of your emotions, you have to feel them and move them in the body (it's the fire of the Leo, fire is all about transformation). The body is amazing in this way! It has the ability to transform and move through all of this, so be active! Ask what feels right for you, maybe it is a night time walk or a morning hike, a new kind of exercise, or dancing (my favorite), or perhaps working in the garden, whatever it is get a move on. Also, when you are feeling extra emotional... move!

This Moon is also a Blue Moon, which means that we have four Full Moons in the season instead of three, and is rare (hence the phrase, once in a blue moon...). This month we have our second Full Moon in Aquarius (i just heard a hawk outside!). With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius it is a time to align our true heart with dreams of our future. Imagine it like Leo as the arrow, now is the time to draw back the arrow in the bow and point it in the direction we are aiming, using our Aquarian mind to see into the distant future. Think about your future, what does it look like, how is it different, the same... don't be afraid to dream as big as you possibly can. Actually, I want you to think about the most radical, exciting, and outrageous dream you have for yourself in your life, go ahead... now make it bigger, really reach... work towards that, that thing you just thought of. Think about how your life will effect the community and the planet, how do you hope to help those around you in your community or tribe. This is really about feeling into your heart and finding what your true calling is, what mark do you wish to leave. This is the time to go for it! Run towards it!

ps - did any one else have crazy dreams last night during the full moon? i did! whhoooooa

Sol Lewitt


  1. yes! thank you. always look forward to your input on these moons/ activities:) i really wish i could push myself to expand on what i thought was actually possible. i always worry about differentiating between my ego voice and inner heart. oh well, ha!

    1. thanks Vanessa!
      you bring up such a good question, most people have this battle between the two... it is really about practicing listening to the heart, getting to know it, and then you will be able to feel how it is totally different from the ego. i usually think that the ego is the voice that is just pretty much constantly yacking away... my first feeling/impulse is usually from the heart, it feels more true and authentic, i just feel it differently in my body, but then a second later that ego voice can come in. what comes from the heart feels good, and the ego is usually some voice that is doubtful or has another agenda that isn't in service to the heart, even when it has good intentions (which is rare). just try to practice noticing the difference. and because you have kids it might be easier, as things you wish for your children come from you heart. you can feel how that is totally different from something that comes from the ego.
      also, when i am confused... i just ask, i just ask the heart. sometimes it is that simple. or if my ego is super loud i have to do something to quiet it, or distract it... take a hike, move, do breathwork... something to keep it busy so the voice of the heart can come through. it's just practice. it's there and it wants to be heard. but, sometimes it's not easy. ; )


  2. Oh L, this is a great one. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. thanks C!!!!! ;))))))))))))) i love when you visit! happy blue moon to you! xxL

    2. Awww! I love visiting! :)
      What a powerful moon! So exciting! I was so surprised to see it this morning! Stunning.
      Happy blue moon to you, too!

    3. :)
      yes! it's a big one this month! strong moon indeed!
      i love that you saw it shinning so brightly this morning!
      it was hanging out, waiting for you :)