new moon // august


Grain Moon
Tuesday, August 6th 2013, Leo, 2:51pm PSD

First, I want to send a very loving happy birthday to my mum, today is her birthday, and where ever she is in the universe I hope she is celebrating.

Today I want to talk about how we get in the way of ourselves. I think about all the posts I have written about new moon wishes, and all the lists I (and maybe you) have written that include the same wishes. I write these lists every New Moon, but then admittedly let them go after I have written them, thinking someone else will do the work (the universe), or thinking as I write, hmm, I have been writing this same wish for years (which doesn't mean that it isn't still coming to me). I think we all have a tendency to self-sabotage to different degrees with different things. It is for lots of reason that we don't allow our selves to have the things we want most in life, and do lots of unconscious things to prevent our dreams from becoming a reality. 
I have been finishing up writing my thesis this past month (talk about procrastination and self-sabotage, it's due in September!) and I can say that if you really want to learn about yourself all you need to do is just watch how you write (or do anything really, because how you do one thing is how you do everything). Oh me? Ya, I am a master at distracting myself. I noticed I was doing it so often while writing and started to watch myself as I felt the need to stop and pick up a book to read someone else's theories, or check my email for the fiftieth time (I hardly get any emails). Why was I doing this so often? I started to notice I was doing it when I would come up against all the moments where I was risking something, sharing something that was personal, doubting what I had to say, or perhaps proposing an idea that would no doubt push lots of buttons. Distraction is fascinating. It can be a great teacher. And distraction and resistance can take up a lot of your energy, imagine if all the time and energy we spent distracting ourselves went into accomplishing the thing it self! Image what we could get done!
So, my dear readers, I propose for this month, to go back to your wishes from June's New Moon. Read them, and then really ask yourself how you are doing with them. Ask yourself about the ways you might be self sabotaging or distracting yourself. Don't go too deep into asking yourself Why, that will reveal itself in time. But, be honest. It's only when we are risking that we feel like we have something to loose. But, I think that you have everything to loose if you aren't risking at all. It's all about learning how to navigate through resistance. 

So, that was my side tangent, but it relates to our wishing and to this New Moon, as both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Leo! This sign is also ruled by the Sun, so it is time to let yourself fully shine! No holding back! Use the imagery of the Lion and the Sun to channel your inner Leo, we all have one. Think of the qualities of these two symbols: power, energy, courage, generosity, determination, fire, confidence, stamina, strength... life! Think about the Sun in our solar system, it is at the center of it all, shining brightly. How can you show up in your life like the Sun (no hiding, no fear, no playing small)? Leo's also have a strong need to share and express themselves creatively and express from the heart! That is key! How can you do this in your life? See if you can tap into a little, or a lot, of this for the next two weeks. It is strong with both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo. 

And ,it is also our time of New Moon wishing. You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The most potent time for wishing is in the first 24 hours of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will do. This month, while wishing, think about the things you can do in your life that will support your wishes. It could be by making changes in your daily routine, putting yourself out there more, giving yourself more permission, asking for support... the biggest might be getting out of your own way! I guarantee the universe wants to send you what you desire, but you have to get out of the way!

Now is the time to shine!
Shine on my bright stars!

Happy New Moon & Happy Wishing! 

ps - a thank you to all of you who read these Moon posts. I had a sweet conversation last night with someone about them and it meant so much to me. Thank you Leigh and everyone.


  1. I particularly look forward to these "moon" posts. This one inspired a great chandra namaskar yoga practice tonight. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and constant flow of inspiration.

    1. HI Dana, thanks for your comment. it means a lot to me to hear this.
      i like that you put moon in quotation marks... it made me laugh.
      i love that you are weaving in the new moon energy to your yoga practice! inspiring.

  2. I connect with these posts very much. There is fine line between manifestation and desire. I have too have come to the conclusion of self-sabotage because it hurts so much to not be following my dreams and being the best I can be. The journey into self discovery is one that cannot be talked about enough. Thank you!

    1. thanks for your comment Mary Elizabeth!
      i am really happy you relate.
      wishing you a magical journey to know yourself truly and deeply

  3. Lauren,

    This really was perfect timing. I undertook the cleaning of my "office" (which is actually a closet) and in doing so came upon all my old New Moon Wishes. It was such a great exercise to go through them and read them and to appreciate both what has changed and what hasn't-- where I am growing and where I have grown. It also made me very grateful that you inspired this, it is such a great exercise.


    1. aww Jess! thank you!
      and that is great! i love that you said "where i am growing" vs. "where i haven't grown"
      that is such an important and good place to be. some things take longer, and that's ok, but to know that you are working on them and in time you will get there, and to honor what you have done thus far is also so important.

      and really, every person who leaves me a comment, or writes me an email, or has a conversation with me about these posts inspires me to keep writing them!
      so thank you! for showing up!


  4. I love and look forward to these posts too - such a treat and always so insightful!