a visceral eye

This morning I came across the work of Sylvia Sleigh and am blown away.
I'm not usually a huge fan of portraiture, but her work is revolutionary, and complicated, and beautiful.
It's something to bump up against and I like that.
While researching her I found this amazing exhibition from 2012 of her work and was totally in love with the exhibition design! It's so exciting to see something like this, someone paying attention and taking a risk. The two photos above are from that exhibit, see more here, they are not to be missed. 

There is also a show up right now of her work in Bordeaux


  1. love her work. always inspiring.
    sending <3
    xo V

    1. how did i not know about her until now!?
      she is wonderful!

      love to you too, and your new little one! ;)

  2. Love her! I know you saw her in WACK! :)