you guys...!
I finished my thesis!!!
turned it in yesterday!!!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it
two and a half years later after being "done" with grad school and I am official DONE!
I worked hard writing this, and came away with something honest, personal, interesting (at least i think)... something that I love! 
I am so happy and so proud of it!
you can learn a lot about yourself through writing, it is an amazing teacher
now that it is done I feel there is room for so many amazing things for me in my life!


versailles 2013


There isn't much to say except... I love Versailles. I always have a strange familiar feeling when I am there. It's 
like I am returning to a part of myself. I spent a very warm summers day wondering and picnicking in 
the gardens, laying in the grass and sun, looking closely at all the doors (i'm weirdly obsessed with the hardware, locks and 
doors there), being ushered with the crowds through each room, breathing in the warm musty smell of the 
wooden floors (love), catching my breath in the Hall of Mirrors, and being wide-eyed at how breathtaking it all is. 


paris 2013


Oh, how I love Paris. After Italy I took a car, two trains, a plane, the metro, and a taxi! Haha! Again, totally worth it. 
And arrived in my favorite city in the world. Every time I visit it feels like home. It's been 7 years since 
I lived there and I miss it so much. I am coming up with a game plan on how to be there part time! I had 
such a wonderful trip, it went by too fast, but I had time to visit a lot of favorite places, see lots of 
amazing art, and visit with friends. 

My dreamy apartment that I never wanted to leave (pinch me)
And the rooftops of Paris near the Pompidou where I spent Bastille Day... a Parisian BBQ with friends. 

A lovely stroll through the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg.

Birthday lunch for Cheri (Lili's gift to her, delivered by me) at La Duree, my favorite!
Walked by my old apartment, I always have to when I visit. 9 rue Montmorency. That was my window right above the door. 

Snapped a sneaky pic in Deyrolle. And a stop into my dream art store, Sennelier, to pick up some goodies. 

ACNE coming soon to Paris! 
A lovely tea and cake in one of my favorite spots, Mariage Freres. Everything about this place is Paris to me... le sigh. 

Out side the Universete Paris V - Rene Descartes
And from the Palais de Tokyo (sorry, i dont know who this is by, i was zipping out when i snapped this photo), love it!

Les Prairies De Paris (new shoes)
Daniel Buren in the Palais Royal

The amazing La Mecanique des dessous, une historie indiscrete de la silhouette at the Les Arts Decoratifs. 
The beautiful floor at Le Petit Atelier De Paris. 

Love this cardboard children's chair circa 1967. 
The stunning work of Charlotte Perriand at Les Arts Decoratifs. #yesplease

Nick Van Woert at Galerie Yvon Lambert.

One of my all time faves, Larry Bell, at the amazing - knock out - stellar show Dynamo at the Grand Palais. Also a stunning Calder. 

The Grand Palais

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
Always have to stop in and get something to add to my collection at Astire de Villatte.

The night I got in I went to Cheri and David's to celebrate her birthday! So lovely!
Bon matin!! Again, my dream apartment. 

Sat for a long time in the Atelier Brancusi. Inspirational. Love him. 

This was what I woke up to the morning I left. Such beauty. So sad to leave. 
Rue Sedaine.

Until next time Paris! Bisous!


italy 2013


I wanted to share a few photos from Italy this summer. 
For months I had been dreaming of being in the sun and sea of the Mediterranean, so much so that once 
I finally got there I kept having to pinch myself. Something was calling me, I knew I had to go. I met 
my dear friend Kate there, we had been to Italy together 11 years ago and we were overdue for a 
reunion with this breathtaking part of the world. 


Arriving to meet Kate in Positano after a long flight, two train rides, and a car ride on the bendy roads... totally worth it. My first view of heaven! 
Boat ride home from the beach. 

Almost every afternoon we would have Summer rain storms, this photo is from the beach, looking back to Positano. 
The coast. 

Swimming, jumping off cliffs into the sea. 
Kate and I got to swim into one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Fiordo di Furore, because we had to swim into it I couldn't get any photos, but check it out here

Our amazing home away from home. (again, pinch me!)

Villa Malaparte, from Le Mepris (Contempt), spotting this was one of the highlights for me during our boat ride around Capri. 

The stunning, graphic, and minimal Cattedrale di Amalfi e Chiostro del Paradiso.

Beautiful night walks into town for late dinners.

The photo on the left was taken in the Grotta Azzurra. I don't quite know where to begin talking about what happened to me while swimming in this cave, but to sum it up, it was one of the most magical and healing experiences of my life. Still, even now, there is something that remains a mystery to me, some transformation that occurred in my body. I have never been in a place that holds  more female energy than this one. If you have never been, go! You get into these tiny boats and have to lay down to be pulled in via a chain through a very tiny opening. Once in the cave you look back and it is illuminated with the most beautiful color blue I have ever seen. The cave is so bright because it is made of limestone. It has an amazing history that you can feel all around you. All the men rowing the boats were sing opera, it echoed symphonically. You are not allowed to swim in the cave, but on the way out our driver turned to Kate and I and said, "jump in!" My heart started racing and we threw off our clothes and jumped. THIS experience is why I think I was called to Italy. Magical. 
The photo on the right was a beach we swam at in Capri. (again... pinch me!!!!)

More views of the amazing sea and grottos. I could not get over the color of the water. 

up next... Paris!