full moon // september


Harvest Moon
Thursday, September 19th, Pisces, 4:13 am PST

The Sun has moved into Virgo, and this Full Moon occurs in the opposing sign of Pisces. As always, it is natural for emotions to be stirred up around the Full Moon, sometimes days before (even a week if you are really sensitive), you can often tell how strong a Full Moon is by how emotional you are around the time it occurs. 
One of my favorite quotes just came to mind, said by the great Leonard Cohen, "If you don't become the ocean you will be seasick everyday." This Full Moon is a perfect time to become the ocean. When emotions come up, and they will as this Moon is in the emotional sign of Pisces (a water sign), let them flow and work with them. How can you create from them, and use them for growth and healing? 
Pisces is a very emotional, sensitive, and mystical sign. See if you can notice a heightened sensitivity to sound and with your vision, you might also feel your intuition is more spot on, and even some deeper psychic awareness coming to the surface. This is also a time of profound dreams that hold great meaning and messages. You also might notice, if you are a very sensitive person (or with Pisces rising, sun, or moon), that you find the people closest to you seeking you out for advice and comfort. You have a natural and instinctual ability to be sensitive and compassionate while accessing your deep wisdom to help those you love. 

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  1. Thank you for this. I love that Leonard Cohen quote.