italy 2013


I wanted to share a few photos from Italy this summer. 
For months I had been dreaming of being in the sun and sea of the Mediterranean, so much so that once 
I finally got there I kept having to pinch myself. Something was calling me, I knew I had to go. I met 
my dear friend Kate there, we had been to Italy together 11 years ago and we were overdue for a 
reunion with this breathtaking part of the world. 


Arriving to meet Kate in Positano after a long flight, two train rides, and a car ride on the bendy roads... totally worth it. My first view of heaven! 
Boat ride home from the beach. 

Almost every afternoon we would have Summer rain storms, this photo is from the beach, looking back to Positano. 
The coast. 

Swimming, jumping off cliffs into the sea. 
Kate and I got to swim into one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Fiordo di Furore, because we had to swim into it I couldn't get any photos, but check it out here

Our amazing home away from home. (again, pinch me!)

Villa Malaparte, from Le Mepris (Contempt), spotting this was one of the highlights for me during our boat ride around Capri. 

The stunning, graphic, and minimal Cattedrale di Amalfi e Chiostro del Paradiso.

Beautiful night walks into town for late dinners.

The photo on the left was taken in the Grotta Azzurra. I don't quite know where to begin talking about what happened to me while swimming in this cave, but to sum it up, it was one of the most magical and healing experiences of my life. Still, even now, there is something that remains a mystery to me, some transformation that occurred in my body. I have never been in a place that holds  more female energy than this one. If you have never been, go! You get into these tiny boats and have to lay down to be pulled in via a chain through a very tiny opening. Once in the cave you look back and it is illuminated with the most beautiful color blue I have ever seen. The cave is so bright because it is made of limestone. It has an amazing history that you can feel all around you. All the men rowing the boats were sing opera, it echoed symphonically. You are not allowed to swim in the cave, but on the way out our driver turned to Kate and I and said, "jump in!" My heart started racing and we threw off our clothes and jumped. THIS experience is why I think I was called to Italy. Magical. 
The photo on the right was a beach we swam at in Capri. (again... pinch me!!!!)

More views of the amazing sea and grottos. I could not get over the color of the water. 

up next... Paris!


  1. That must have been so lovely. And just looking at your photographs, I also am not able to get over the color of the water.

  2. Thank you for sharing! How did you find your lovely "home away from home?"