new moon // september


Harvest Moon 
Thursday, September 5th, Virgo, 4:36am PST

Happy New Moon! I am always happy when one arrives, it feels like I can breath again. That last Full Moon was a super hard one, and if you have noticed the weight of it has been lifting in the air, off the body, by the day. This New Moon is in Virgo, which means it's time to get organized. I love all the Virgo's I know in my life, they are the ultimate task masters. It is amazing to watch them organize with such focus and see all projects to completion, for them this is a natural way to navigate and make sense of the world. For the rest of us, we must work a little (or a lot) harder at this skill. Take stock of your responsibilities, where have you been taking on too much responsibility, or maybe not enough? Try to be truthful, if even to yourself, and go easy on yourself, sometimes even with the best intentions we take on stuff that isn't ours, or put something that is really important to us at the bottom of the list. Rework the places where responsibility may be off, you can even just imagine taking the energy back into yourself that you may have placed on someone else, or some other situation, and then put it onto something you need to start to focus on in your own life. Untangle that web, rearrange, and get clear.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which helps us to bring practical application into our life. It is about what is physical and actual. We access this energy when we organize our lives, make clear goals, create order where there is a mess, make decisions that move us forward. This is thanks to Virgo's planetary ruler Mercury, it helps us to take our intellect, mental focus, and clarity and allow it to physically manifest in our life. 

It is also a perfect time to use some of this Virgo energy to plan out rather large or long term projects, or bring ones you have been meaning to finish to completion. It's a good time to organize your life as much as you can, even if that means just clearing off your desk (I'm talking to myself right now, mine is a mess, no time with the thesis!!!! aahhg). Tackle one thing at a time, even putting the effort into a small project will do so much for you right now, as soon as you put your energy into something it tends to grow and create momentum. 

During the New Moon it is a great time to make wishes, you are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The wishes will be most powerful within the first 24 hours, but the first 48 will do. Since the Moon is in the sign of Virgo, it's a good time to make wishes about creating order, routine, your health, bringing projects to completion, exercise, getting organized, and service. 
And I haven't talked about it before, but want to now. Pay attention to the language you use when you write your wishes, be specific, add words in like, "I wish to easily attract...", "I plan to finish with ease...", "I wish to... in a healthy way," etc... sometimes the universe is literal, so be sure you are asking to receive these things with ease and openness. Most of the lessons and gifts we get in life come with some heartbreak, pain, struggle... because that is the way we as humans learn, so why not ask for some to come to us with ease. 

I have four more days to finish my thesis, something I wish to complete with ease and flow, something I want to be proud of, something I wish to put out into the world and risk from the truth of my heart, something I hope brings healing and creates change. 

Happy New Moon wishing everyone!

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  1. I love these posts!! ..Thank you for the light you bring! And wishing you only the best with your thesis! xx

  2. Lauren! What a beautiful, insightful piece of writing. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so close! Sending good energy! Can't wait to celebrate when it's complete! xoxoxo

    1. thanks C!

      thanks for cheering me on through this whole thing! ; )

      and YOU are one of the Virgo's i love in my life! ; )