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Hecate, William Blake
one of my favorite paintings


in the darkness

new work / open studio


thinking about

Helen Frankenthaler, Ed Ruscha, Josh Peters, Emma Knaflewska



so ya'll know I am obsessed with Versailles and know that I believe I had a past life there (for sure)
so, it's no surprise that I am loving these beautiful photos of the renovations there. see more here
one of my dream jobs would be to work on the creative side of these renovations: matching the paint colors, creating new fabrics that are historically accurate, researching the kinds of crystal and glass and wood and stone that were used originally, paying attention to the small details to ensure a seamless renovation from old to new... dream job!


the grand budapest hotel

oh gosh...

this poster deserves it's own post
this could be my new favorite


fly me to the moon

some stills from the fly me to the moon video

i am blown away by Claire 

see the full video here
it is stunning
Jasmine is inspiring
her dress is incredible
the set perfect
i feel so lucky to have worked with everyone on this


full moon // october


Harvest Moon
Friday, October 18th, Aries, 4:38 pm PST

Today the Full Moon is in Aries and the Sun in Libra. There is also a Lunar Eclipse tonight. 
I have been feeling this post for a while now, and today is the right time for it. Instead of my normal Moon post of me telling you what is going on cosmically, in nature, and in ourselves I am going to ask YOU to do that. Because what I do here is really nothing you yourself can't do. All I do is listen and connect dots. Today I am asking you to do just that. Intuition is a muscle that can be strengthened, every time you listen to it it gets stronger. And you yourself are a mirror for what is going on all around you. Something I have learned that always seems it can't possibly be true, but always proves to be so: The more specific and personal you are, the more general and relatable it is. 
So today sit still and silently, feel into what has been going on in your outer and inner world? What new energy have you felt, what do you keep bumping up against? What have you noticed happening around you? What have you noticed people saying, is there a common thread? Feel into what is happening in nature, how can that relate to it all, or be a mirror, or a guide?
Feel free to leave whatever you notice in the comments. Don't let that internal critical-doubtful-judgmental voice tell you you are wrong. You aren't. I guarantee. So, be brave and risk, leave something in the comment section. I promise if you do it will come back to you ten fold. 

Sending Full Moon greatness and love to you all!


meditation circle

Join me on Saturday, October the 19th in Cedar Grove, in Griffith Park, for some movement and meditation.
2:00 - 4:00 pm

Please allow time to enjoy your hike, notice the trees, watch the birds, feel the sun, smell the eucalyptus and cedar in the air, and relax before we start at 2:00pm. 
During your hike up please find something small to contribute as an offering for the alter.

There are two ways to get to the location. One is a short (7 min) steep hike which leads you right into the grove. The other is more gradual and longer (15 min), and you have to make a right off the road to walk into the grove. See map. 

Wear shoes you can hike/walk in. We will be sitting outside on the ground, bring what you will need to be comfortable, dress in layers for the weather, and bring some water with you.

looking forward to being together in this beautiful place!


from around

so much exciting stuff going on... until I can share it all... check this out 

- because I love TED talks... one on the importance of sleep, and another on a new way to look at and understand our relationship to stress. Both sent to me by my dad 

- because I have a Weimerarmer I think this Japanese children's book is the bee's knees, so adorable. See more images here. Sent to me by Claire

- a Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at the moment of death

- what witchcraft is Facebook? Mass psychogenic illness historically known as "mass hysteria" - is making a comeback, on The Atlantic blog, here

- my friend, and seriously amazing artist, Emilie Halpern's show is up at Pepin Moore. Check it out, it rocks (bad pun), part one is up now. Read a great review on it here

- a great article on Gordon Hempton, the acoustic ecologist, and his search for silence. He speaks of the importance of silence (I'm totally on board with this), and how we are in danger of loosing it. He has found only a dozen locations in the US where you can experience total silence for more than 15 min. What's the most silent location in the US you ask... one square inch in Olympic National Park, west of Seattle. 

- why loosing is good for you, here.

- a dangerous and evil piano piece by Satie. Read about it here, listen to it here 

- a wonderful piece of writing, This Long Century, bApichaypong Weerasethakul. He also made one of my top three favorite films of all time. 

- right now: loving dancing to this song, this song, and this song

i think that's it for the moment...


pat hill

Pat Hill

one of my favorite artists. ever. 
he is amazing

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new moon // october


Harvest Moon

Friday, October 4th, Libra, 5:34P pm PST

Today the Sun moves into the sign of Libra, as it has been since the Fall Equinox. Even though the days are growing shorter I love this time of year for it's symbolism, as the days are in equal parts of light and dark. Libra seeks balance: light and dark, social and alone, masculine and feminine, work and rest... balance is something most of us struggle with, but during this time of year we can feel into the natural balance of the days and let it be our guide and teacher, for both aspects are needed, and yet we are always sacrificing one for the other. This is something we can always put more awareness into and work at. And the Libra energy can help us gain the balance we all seek. 

Libra is an Air sign and has a strong connection to the Masculine, strong mentally activity, positive energy, and willful forward motion. But, it is ruled by Venus, who balances that energy and brings in beauty, pleasure, and a strong desire for relationship. Venus opens us up to the power of love. With both the Sun and Moon in Libra during this New Moon, the Venus ruler plays a heavy roll during this time. In the sky Venus is now in the sign of Scorpio, which means that we will feel the more intense, powerful aspect of the Feminine. We are feeling the pull of her to transform what is dark with in us, to find new growth, and participate in a deep internal cleansing. Venus is balancing the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine. During this time we can expect a lot of healing around this, both internally and externally. It is a time of finding harmony and growth. 

Fall is also a time of change and harvest. I love the Spring and Fall for this reason. They are reminders that there is a natural cycle and rhythm to life, times when things bloom and when things are planted. They are both such fertile times for change. I also feel their energy is the strongest, and can most easily be tapped into and used by us, because the visuals of these seasons are so strong and apparent around us (the changing of the leaves is an obvious one). Fall is a wonderful time to work with the energy of the Harvest (I feel this energy is so golden and magical). Use the energy all around us to plant seeds of intention. It is especially wonderful that we are in a New Moon and it is a time of wishing, we couldn't be more perfectly aligned. And if you can, see if while wishing you can look ahead into the future, and with the energy of Spring see your wishes manifesting in your life. See if you are able to connect the planting with the blooming.

During this New Moon you are allowed ten wishes maximum, and they must be hand written on paper. The most potent time for wishing is within the first 24 hours, but within the first 48 will do. Since this Moon is in the sign of Libra it is a good time to wish on things that relate to relationships, marriage, fairness, balance, harmony, awareness, cooperation, and beauty. 

Some other side notes on things. This also seems to be an amazing time of creativity and motion, and how both are connected and dependent. There is a feeling of electricity in the air when it comes to being creative. I feel lots of creative energy is moving through us right now, and moving us forward. We may be busier than ever with projects, ideas, writing, creating... And though some of this may lead to working with other creative people or making connections within a creative and like minded community, it feels the strongest around personal creativity. The ways we are creative on our own, and how this gift to ourselves can create so much abundance in our lives. It could be writing a song, making a drawing, baking, scribbling out thoughts onto a scrap piece of paper, playing a game with your children... creative energy is everywhere, and right now it is a very powerful force in our lives. 

Happy Wishing!

James Welling,  Winter Corn 2012


new work

I've been working on a show for November!

drawing, painting, and sculpture, and...
this is a peek
stay tuned ...