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so much exciting stuff going on... until I can share it all... check this out 

- because I love TED talks... one on the importance of sleep, and another on a new way to look at and understand our relationship to stress. Both sent to me by my dad 

- because I have a Weimerarmer I think this Japanese children's book is the bee's knees, so adorable. See more images here. Sent to me by Claire

- a Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at the moment of death

- what witchcraft is Facebook? Mass psychogenic illness historically known as "mass hysteria" - is making a comeback, on The Atlantic blog, here

- my friend, and seriously amazing artist, Emilie Halpern's show is up at Pepin Moore. Check it out, it rocks (bad pun), part one is up now. Read a great review on it here

- a great article on Gordon Hempton, the acoustic ecologist, and his search for silence. He speaks of the importance of silence (I'm totally on board with this), and how we are in danger of loosing it. He has found only a dozen locations in the US where you can experience total silence for more than 15 min. What's the most silent location in the US you ask... one square inch in Olympic National Park, west of Seattle. 

- why loosing is good for you, here.

- a dangerous and evil piano piece by Satie. Read about it here, listen to it here 

- a wonderful piece of writing, This Long Century, bApichaypong Weerasethakul. He also made one of my top three favorite films of all time. 

- right now: loving dancing to this song, this song, and this song

i think that's it for the moment...


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