full moon // october


Harvest Moon
Friday, October 18th, Aries, 4:38 pm PST

Today the Full Moon is in Aries and the Sun in Libra. There is also a Lunar Eclipse tonight. 
I have been feeling this post for a while now, and today is the right time for it. Instead of my normal Moon post of me telling you what is going on cosmically, in nature, and in ourselves I am going to ask YOU to do that. Because what I do here is really nothing you yourself can't do. All I do is listen and connect dots. Today I am asking you to do just that. Intuition is a muscle that can be strengthened, every time you listen to it it gets stronger. And you yourself are a mirror for what is going on all around you. Something I have learned that always seems it can't possibly be true, but always proves to be so: The more specific and personal you are, the more general and relatable it is. 
So today sit still and silently, feel into what has been going on in your outer and inner world? What new energy have you felt, what do you keep bumping up against? What have you noticed happening around you? What have you noticed people saying, is there a common thread? Feel into what is happening in nature, how can that relate to it all, or be a mirror, or a guide?
Feel free to leave whatever you notice in the comments. Don't let that internal critical-doubtful-judgmental voice tell you you are wrong. You aren't. I guarantee. So, be brave and risk, leave something in the comment section. I promise if you do it will come back to you ten fold. 

Sending Full Moon greatness and love to you all!


  1. I was driving home from a lovely dinner with my little clan when we saw the moon peaking through the trees. So full it looked wide enough to pop, and glowing yellow. It made us laugh as we turned the corner onto our street where it hung at the end as if we could drive right up to it. I felt a pull right then to get all my crystals out and let them bathe in the full moon's light. I thought, if the moon is strong enough to clear my stones then its strong enough to clear me, and I let it, right there, cleanse my spirit.

  2. oh Ann, this is beautiful! and true. reading it i feel uplifted and i feel the moon light in your words! thank you for sharing my dear dear friend ;) i am smiling from the inside out! love you , L x

  3. love that Ann!

    This week butterflies seem to be everywhere. I have seen way more than normal and they have been on their own, looking as though they are on a journey as opposed to their typical dancing around in a space. I realized they must be migrating and they are in a big transition phase.

    Connecting this to the Moon, which I was feeling big time this week. I noticed extra aggression, which felt more than just aggression. It felt like the aggression came from an unsettled almost anxious space. Putting this together, I feel as though we have been stirring up lots of healing from the past over these last few months. There has been lots of internal movement and this Moon felt like an indication that we are about to experience this movement on the physical plane. Much of which we have been working on is going to move forward and there is an anxious anticipation. Just like the butterflies are moving to new destinations, our lives are moving forward to vastly different places. And it can be pretty scary as this Moon showed us goodbyes to past ways and patterns we hold on to for comfort of the known.

    Love you Lauren! Thanks for inviting us to play with our intuition.

    1. Eliza!!

      wonderful wonderful! thank you for sharing!!! you are the autumn sun!

      yes! i have felt some of these same things too... and some of what you have written about i wasn't aware of, but now that i think back on this past week i see it too!

      i have for sure noticed the butterflies! and seen the same thing, they are not dancing and wondering, but on a mission, most of them flying along my path, passing me, as if they had somewhere to get to! which reminds me of the feeling i have been having as well. on my path, marching a long, no detours... towards something. and yes, they are migrating right now.

      and this full moon WAS super intense, i could feel it starting last sunday, it hit me over the head, knocked me out, made me stay in bed all day, emotional and undone. it was a big one.

      thank you for sharing your wisdom and beauty with us!


  4. Lauren, you are so generous in sharing your unique, intuitive (amazingly eloquent) perspectives - I receive so much from them. So ... thank you for sharing your gifts and heck yes, absolutely, I will be happy to chime in, albeit a bit late. I have lots to say ; )

    - I'm noticing the women around me stepping up and asking for what they need. My most ready example: I have a friend in the Mormon community who is part of the group of women in Salt Lake City petitioning church leaders to extend the priesthood to women. She is asking for what *she* needs, for her own personal evolution and so that she may better serve, and through this is also helping to bring the feminine into balance with the masculine within her community leadership (very interesting that in this religion there is a heavenly mother, as well as father). My attempt to better understand and support my friend led me down a rabbit hole of research ending with Hermeticism and an intense rediscovery of Carl Jung - who knew? I landed smack in the lap of clarity regarding my own path through what I thought was a detour into my friend's world - love it when things crisscross like this.

    - I'm noticing people manifesting their wishes very quickly. Friday, my oldest daughter wished to be on a farm feeding chickens and goats. Then on Saturday, when we went for a short-turned-long drive, we discovered and ended up on a farm with chickens and sheep (close enough to goats) who she got to feed and pet. As we got in our car she whispered, "my wish came true", face beaming and full of trust in her world.

    While we were there, I learned about a plant-medicine class going on today at the farm (something I've been wanting to do for a very long time) - so my daughter and I went back today and took the class - loved it. And? while at the class I met a kindred spirit who lives in the community we're interested in moving to, and she invited us to a party next month to meet all the neighbors.

    - I'm noticing people wanting to leave the systems they depend on to forge new paths. Though he's in a private firm, my husband was off work for two weeks with the government shutdown. During this break he realized he's ready to shift to something totally new - on his own - creating - doing his thing. I think about the fear we are both releasing to make this happen, the comforts we may need to let go of in the short term (which for me is also a way of bucking a system I don't want to rely on) and what this all means for the personal growth of every member of our family.

    - And for about a week leading up to the full moon/eclipse I had the most crazy-intense dreams - lots of pregnancy/birth dreams (which I don't think are about actual babies), animals, and old issues being brought in to the light to heal - I'm thankful for this chance to bear, understand and transform old pains and to rediscover some neglected interests from where I am now. I'm ready for more of this!

    those are the highlights ; )

    - K

  5. and... still not finished.

    I think the biggest thing I'm noticing in myself in others (and which I'm most grateful for right now) is that people are getting on with it! Personally, I feel I've hit a point of no return, as if it would be next to impossible to derail. I'm ready to go go go.

    1. oh my dear! you are a joy in this world! so insightful and wise, attuned to the micro and macro connections. i know no one else who experiences connection like you do on a daily basis! you are so good at listening, and being clear and open and ready to ask and receive. i loved EVERYTHING you wrote, and i know you are spot on, though you didn't me to tell you that ;)

      i will touch on a few things, as i relate (others do too), and you are right... the first thing you talked about is something greater i feel is happening in the world since 12/21/12. people are saying, and i am personally feeling, there has been a shift and we are now entering into a time of more feminine energy. i dont mean just women, though they seem to be the ones leading the way, but i mean the feminine with in all of us. i think it is an amazing time of change. and it is so beautiful to see women being brave and speaking up and making the changes happen, big ones like your friend (which is totally awesome), or small ones personally or in the home (those are actually big as well). i think in these acts there is so much healing happening. healing within, healing of linage, healing by creating equality and balance. it's so exciting!
      and i love love love that helping your friend lead you to rediscover Jung! he's brilliant. and it is a perfect time to get into that world and work, as we are going into winter and shifting into scorpio energy, which will bring up the shadow, and as we transition to the new moon, a time of darkness and going within. i am dealing with some of the same stuff right now... i think people who are sensitive are already feeling this before everyone else will in a few weeks. but transforming your shadow is SO powerful!!! so much gold to be mined there. i am loving the journey it is taking me on.

      i love the story about your daughter. kids are such great teachers for us to have around us. they don't carry as much weight, and are so clear and open, and can help us see things we have forgotten.
      your plant class also sounds wonderful! i hope you post about it on the blog.

      and congrats to your husband for making that leap. and to you too for trusting it and leaping with him while holding the family! i think any time we risk like that, and follow that voice that comes from our soul we will only find abundance and be rewarded. again, lots of change happening!

      and yes! lots of dreams, i had a big one last week that i am working with!
      and yours sound right on track with thing happening in your life. revealing what is happening internally and how it is mirroring your outer life.

      go go go !

      thank you for sharing! you are a jewel! (i see a brilliant deep green emerald)!

      so much love, and healing and transformation AND magic to you!!!!
      i am beyond grateful that i know you

    2. <3 <3 <3 so much love to you, Lauren! That's just about the loveliest compliment I've ever gotten - your clear, open sharing of what's in your heart is such a powerful example in my life, makes me a better soul - THANK YOU. Lots to ponder here (the healing lineages thing is really hitting me as particularly powerful today)!!! love it. So much magic to you, too.

      And sweet dreams!!!!

      p.s. love emeralds - used to wish emerald was my birthstone and asked my mom if I could change it!