so ya'll know I am obsessed with Versailles and know that I believe I had a past life there (for sure)
so, it's no surprise that I am loving these beautiful photos of the renovations there. see more here
one of my dream jobs would be to work on the creative side of these renovations: matching the paint colors, creating new fabrics that are historically accurate, researching the kinds of crystal and glass and wood and stone that were used originally, paying attention to the small details to ensure a seamless renovation from old to new... dream job!


  1. why haven't you set out to this dream gig?? you are exactly the person that should be doing it!! and you could live in france!
    win - win - win !

    1. hahah! you are the best Lili! ;) you make a good point - win win win... i will look in to it. for real! ;) thanks GF xx