I am so excited to share that Freunde von Freunden did an interview with me! I am such a huge fan of all that they do!
The lovely Claire took such beautiful photos of my space and wrote such a thoughtful and touching intro to my interview. We had such an interesting conversation that afternoon, and I so enjoyed sharing with her all the things and the stories that are so meaningful to me. 
Please head over to read and see it all.
and on Zeit on-line

Below are some out-takes from the shoot. She took so many beautiful photos. 

A huge thank you to everyone at FvF and to Claire!


move me

lately I have been so into dancing
i can't stop

moving the body is so healing

the body has so much wisdom

i have been listening non-stop to Andrew Bird's new album
beautiful and brilliant 

George Platt-Lynes


lesley vance

Lesley Vance 

Nov 1 - Jan 4


Rings have have been on my mind lately, I have been meditating on them, talking about them, writing about them, and drawing them. 

The lovely Alyson of Unruly Things asked me to write about my stack, so I wrote the story of my rings. If you would like to read it head over to her blog
Thank you Alyson!


gianni caravaggio

I'm flipping out over the work of Gianni Caravaggio
new obsession

thank you Cheri 


full moon // november


Beaver Moon
Sunday, November 17th, Taurus, 7:16 am PST

The days leading up to this Full Moon have been tough ones. Since the New Moon two weeks ago we have been navigating some pretty heavy and sticky energy. You are not alone in this. And now especially with the Full Moon here emotions have reached their climax. As you start to learn about how the Moon effects you during it's different phases you can start to have a deeper awareness of events in your life. You will know that part of the reason things are intense right now is because of the Moon. This awareness helps create space during difficult times, it will allow you to take a deeper breath and let go of some of the weight of what's going on around you. Full Moon's also magnify everything! How is the moon acting as a mirror for you, what is it showing you? How are the relationships in your life acting as mirrors right now?

Also, there has been tons of resistance in the air in the past week. Especially if you are a teacher, leader, or someone who is being asked to risk out in the world. I have really noticed that those of us who are being asked to take on a greater purposes are being met with lots of resistance to do so and extra challenges. How are you handling this? Are you backing down, playing small, canceling things, not showing up? Or are you resilient and navigating it all in the name of staying on your path?

With the Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio the energy is so physical and deep right now, our brains are having a really hard time understanding what's going on inside of us, and the deep shifts that are taking place. You don't have to know what's going on, just keep trusting it. It is a really uncomfortable time, so much buried stuff is being pushed to the surface. Just let the discomfort be your guide, when you feel it you know you are bumping up against an area that wants to heal, that wants to be transformed. This path is not for everyone, it takes courage to step up and evolve and heal. Let your desire for this lead the way during this time. It might not be pretty, it might get super messy for a while, it might be scary, it will most likely be uncomfortable, but it is so needed. It's what your soul is asking for. 

Ellsworth Kelly


friends of friends

I wanted to share one of my favorite daily reads, Freunde von Freunden. A beautiful online journal based in Berlin that features real people all over the globe. I love their interviews and the photos on peoples homes and workspaces. Each one so personal, unique, and authentic... a little portrait. 

They are all wonderful, but here are some of my favorites:

Mercedes Hernáez & Alejandro Sticotti - this home is so beautiful, and reminds me a little of the one i grew up in 

Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht - when I grow up I want to be this woman. Inspiring! Inspiring! Inspiring!

Lili Cuzor & Elijah Pointer - a lovely interview of my friends and neighbors (beautifully photographed and interviewed by our friend Claire)

Claire Cottrell - my dear friend in her minimal and thoughtful Mt. Washington home

Tracy Wilkinson - perfectly So Cal

Alexis Georgopoulos - a recent one where i loved the interview

Johanna Burke  - set designer in New York

Brett Cody Rogers - an LA artist that i like

Clara Balaguer - wonderful.... that's all i can say

I could keep going on and on but I will stop here.
Be sure to also check out their blog.


from around

from around...

- an oldie, but a goldie

- ten fascinating facts about ravens

- a great article, how hipsters ruined Paris

- John Lennon's detention sheets head to auction

- this amazing story on a South Korean amateur runner

- loved this show, wish i could see this show and this show

- a new favorite, friend Maggie Harrsen's beautiful and inspiring journal

Michael Vahrenwald


making space for expression

I am so excited to share that I will be doing a workshop in the ERMIE X Weltenbuerger space at the Hammer. 


This is an active breathwork mediation and drawing workshop with artist Lauren Spencer King.
Expression and creativity are short cuts to healing. Learn how to awaken and connect to your inner passion, tap into a flow of energy that allows for momentum and productivity, and clear creative blocks.
Thursday, November 14th
bring a yoga mat or blanket and a notebook
space is limited, registration required
all ages welcome
no drawing experience needed

I hope to see you all there! 
It is going to be a really fun night!

Go here for additional information and to register!

Thank you so much to Jennifer of Ermie!


ricky swallow

Ricky Swallow

so good
more here


new moon // november


Hunter's Moon
Sunday, November 3rd, Scorpio, 4:50 am PST

New Moon with partial Solar Eclipse
As a Scorpio I get really excited this time of year. I love Scorpio energy. It's something I was born with, a place I have lived in but only recently have I begun to have a deeper understanding and awareness of. To me it is some of the most magical energy we all have. Scorpio energy is all about the extremes of life, it is about life and death, rebirth, sex, transformation, truth... it is very intense energy and also profoundly intuitive. I believe that it is the energy that connects you to your soul, and the power that can be sourced from that place. 
For some people it is too much, too dark, and might be threatening. And I understand why. It is energy that uncovers your shadow. It brings all that stuff up that you don't want to face. It shows you truths you may not want to see. And at times it can be intense, relentless, and really painful. There is no coming to consciousness with out pain. You can not hide these truths or wish them away. You must dive deeper into them, bring them up to the surface, to the light. Call them out. What makes Scorpio energy so magical is that it is energy that has the power of transformation. In that place of darkness is the power to transform it. With out this shadow part of ourselves we are not whole.  Repressing our dark and our shadow only makes it stronger. It's when we can finally look at those things in ourselves and accept them that we have the power to transform and integrate them. By doing this we shift the shadow and it is no longer a place we come from unconsciously, but it becomes a powerful place within us that we can source from. 
I think about the ancient symbol of the ouroboros, the snake eating it's own tail. This symbol is similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes. It symbolises the constant transformation we go through during our life. The infinite cycle of death and rebirth that happens over and over in us. That is how we evolve. And, to me, there is nothing more beautiful. 

Though it might be a time of intensity, we seem to be held by an energy right now that is really nurturing. Scorpio is a water sign that invites us to go within, to be with ourselves and our feelings. It can be a time of solitude, but right now there is a feeling of connection to something greater. It will be the thing that will allow us to dive even deeper into the bottom of the ocean and not feel like we will get lost there.

It is a great time to go within, take a hike by yourself at dusk, meditate, take a night walk, sit in your garden at night... any activity where you can sit with your self and be in nature is wonderful right now. I think that actually being in the darkness of the night can be a supportive guide to go deeper within. Ask yourself some hard questions. Don't be afraid. Ask for support and guidance in revealing something in you that you haven't had the courage to face. And ask for the wisdom and power to transform it. Scorpio energy is also deeply intuitive, during this time ask the Moon to help you strengthen your connection to your own intuition. 

And make your New Moon wishes, you are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The most potent time for wishing is 24 hours with in the exact time of the New Moon, but with in the first 48 hours will do. Because this New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio it is a great time to wish about anything that involves transformation, power, strength, courage, integrity, jealously, or questions or desires around the truth. 

Happy Wishing!

                                                                       Jason Richards