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- music has been on my mind lately, a few people in particular. The stunning and etherial music by Julianna Barwick, introduced to me by my friends Ann & Dave (THE music man). HAIM, who are rad! (thank you Kyra). And Mad Hearts, made up of my friend Ken and his friend, who just put out an EP of covers and it's really good! I especially love their version of Nude!

- check out Lili's amazing photos from her trip to Iceland!!

- some blogs/journals I have been loving... My friend Kristen's blog Marginamia and Maggie's Puakai Healing. They are both so inspiring and wonderful! And I always love reading what Sarah has to say on Saipua. So hilarious!

- i am such a huge fan of Faye Toogood and anything she creates. I have been flipping out looking at her work on her website.

- SUCH an inspiring piece on Jesse Kamm on the FvF site. Beautiful photos by Claire too! 

- the Calder show at LACMA is not to be missed!

- dreaming about living in Paris or Berlin and riding this bike around.

- today I am spending the day making raw plum jam and these. I love pistachios!

i wish you all a very happy holiday! 
i hope you are spending this one with those you love and who love you. 


  1. as i live in paris, i dream about living in LA and going to the calder exhibition ah !

    ~ happy holiday !

  2. I always look forward to and savor these posts b/c I find so many new inspirations each time - SO honored to be part of it. And oh man...loving Maggie's!!! and Fay Toogood's - wow. Thank you, Lauren. Sending big holiday love.

    1. you are so sweet! :)

      yes! Maggie is so wonderful!
      and Fay Toogood is seriously rad!
      and i know your blog will be inspiring to those who head over to read it :)

      xx L