full moon // december


Long Night Moon
Tuesday, December 17th, Gemini, 1:28 am PST

The energy of this Full Moon is hitting us hard. Full Moons usually bring up lots of emotions, but this month on top of that it is effecting our physical bodies more than anything. We hold lots of emotions in our belly (especially sadness). You might have noticed things stirring in that area of your body. It might be emotions, or a combination of emotions and physical symptoms. Be aware and just trust what is happening to your body, keep reminding yourself it is a deep cleansing that will lead to deeper healing. Be gentle on yourself and take time to care for your emotional and physical self. Also with the Sun in Sagittarius as a way to move some of those emotions coming up it's important to express yourself: write, sing, speak up! This Full Moon is a hard one on our bodies. 

It's also a good time from now until the Winter Solstice on the 21st to do the simple things you enjoy. With the holidays the energy round us is getting more kinetic and ungrounded, and yet if you look at the seasons and notice your body, it is a time of quietness and peacefulness. It is especially challenging to find that with the frenzy of the holidays, but try to keep coming back to it what is important to you. It will help keep you grounded through the end of the year. 

Sorry this post is a little shorter than usual, I am experiencing some physical cleansing that has come in the form of the flu! So, back to resting for me. But I am working on a big new year/new moon post on how to set intentions. We are lucky that the first day of the new year is also a New Moon. So, that is in the works. Start thinking about how you wish to wrap up this year. During the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice on the 21st, it is a good time for reflection and some kind of ceremony, you may want to chant, sing, drum, write... whatever feels right to you, but be sure to light a candle that night and honor yourself and all you have been through this past year. 

Happy Full Moon to all!

cenotaph for Sir Isaac Newton, by √Čtienne-Louis Boull√©e, 1784


  1. i always read your posts quietly
    but this time, i let a comment
    i've never been into astrology and lunar influence on our lives, but lately, reading your posts has awaken something in me. something like : but, yes, you are right. thank you for sharing. i think your posts slowly help me to understand life, myself..
    have a good recovery.
    (and sorry for my bad english !)

    1. thank you so much for leaving this comment, it is very touching. i am humbled that you feel what is shared here speaks to you. thank you for returning again and again to read and discover what is here.
      happy full moon to you :)