new moon // december


Long Night Moon
Monday, December 2nd, Sagittarius, 4:22 pm PST

December is here. This past week a lot of feelings have been stirred up, especially near the end of the week and into the weekend. Feelings of loneliness and sadness. You may have felt this, a sense of missing something or someone, maybe even someone you haven't met yet. During this time under all of that sadness subconsciously you have been letting go and healing. It's those deep layers that are being shed, and it is ok to morn the loss of them as you let go more and more and step towards something greater. If you are feeling particularly fragile and vulnerable try to lean into the energy of the Moon right now. Feel it holding you. You are not alone. 

During these next two weeks we will be feeling more of Sagittarius' energy. Use this to help you trust the universe and have the confidence to participate in life and the adventures and experiences you have been longing for. It is perfect timing that the moon is dark while we make this transition. It's in these moments of darkness that we must learn to have faith, faith in what we can not see but what we know is there, or coming towards us. This is the time to take a leap, trusting that the net will appear. 

It is also time to make your New Moon Wishes! You are allowed ten wished maximum, and they must be hand written on paper. The most powerful time of wishing is within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon, but within 48 hours will do. Because this New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius it is a good time to make any wishes concerning travel, adventure, creating more positivity and optimism in your life, and new beginnings. Especially as the year will soon be coming to an end think about what no longer serves you. It's really as simple as bringing awareness to it. And then you can ask for a change, to let it go, or make a commitment to choose differently. But having awareness is 99% of it, where awareness goes energy flows

Happy New Moon Wishing!


  1. lauren,
    always love your posts...fvf was beautiful...i think what you mention today is suadade... happy new moon wishing xx kc

  2. I have a question about the wishes. What do we do with the paper when we're done? I have a stack of them now and I feel like it's wrong to toss them out. Maybe burn them? Is there any kind of wish protocol? :)

    1. Hi Laura!

      i'm not sure if there is an official wish protocol.... : )
      i keep all mine

      you could keep them
      or bury them in the ground
      put them under a rock
      burn them
      whatever feels right for you. something that feels intentional
      if you do keep them i think it's nice to look back on them, see what has changed and stayed the same.
      if you bury or burn them i feel it's more of an act of surrendering them to the universe.

      do what feels right to you
      there is no right or wrong way
      i think the important thing is that you made them!

      happy wishing