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- these last few weeks I have been in my training to be a grief counselor for kids, it has been so fascinating, and interesting, and thought provoking, and inspiring! I am so excited! I have been reading tons on grief: books, memoirs and articles... anything I can get my hands on. And I have read a few interesting things worth sharing here... the first is a very well written piece called Nobody's Son. The second is Meghan O'Rouke's recent piece for the New Yorker, very thought provoking. I have also just started the amazing little memoir by C.S. Lewis called A Grief Observed
No two people grieve the same way, and I love reading and hearing each person's story. In my opinion, words always fall short, but I love the challenge of trying to find the one's that feel right, and to try to describe something that keeps escaping us. It doesn't want to be pinned down and is always shifting. 
Does anyone have a piece of writing that they especially love, are moved by, or perhaps relate to about death and/or grieving?

- writers on writing... The Atlantic has an amazing archive where they have asked writers to write about their favorite-ever passages from books they love. There are some good reads on here!

- totally flipping out and day dreaming about Charlotte Perriand's 1934 beach house finally being realized. When can I move in?!

- two video's I am bonkers for. All I can say about the first is that it is out. of. control! This girl has such style! I only wish I had 1/10 of her moves. The second is just plain hilarious. I am so in love with their extreme enthusiasm and perfected synchronicity. 

- so many good shows I can't wait to see: Liz Larner at Regan, Nobu Sekine and Gavin Kenyon at Blum & Poe, this show at Cherry and Martin, a great show at Overduin and Co., and Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

- and finally... only SIX Moon Calenders left, get 'em while you can. 
*update - THREE left

also be sure to check out this project I have been a part of with my dear friends Claire, Hamish and Andi. KITTENS & KALE

erwin blumenfeld, 1937

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