full moon // january


Wolf Moon
Wednesday, January 15th, Cancer, 10:54 pm PST

Let the light of this Full Moon meet the light that rests at the deepest depth of the ocean that is your Soul. Full Moons are amazing mirrors, and that is often why they not only stir up lots of emotions deep within us, but they can also feel difficult and confrontational. Right now this Full Moon is mirroring old patterns as well as shining light on the past to show us how much we have grown. Old feelings may be coming to the surface but only to help us learn the lessons our souls are asking for. People may be triggering us but only to help us evolve. So, have gratitude for them. We are evolving at a faster rate than ever, and that isn't easy.

Because this Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer it is a time of profound intuition and receptivity. During this Winter Moon we should be spending extra time on self-nourishment and self-care. Family, home, our ancestors, our foundation are all arenas that reside within the archetype of Cancer. It is a very personal, intimate, female, deeply sensitive energy, one that flows in us like a river to the very core of who we are as a Soul. 

Since the New Moon we have been in the energy of the opposing sign of Capricorn (which is a very masculine (spirit) energy, I don't know how many of you have also noticed how powerful the Sun has felt these past two weeks, that is the Masculine energy we are feeling on our physical bodies). We have been in a time where we are navigating who we are out in the world. The energy of Capricorn is very external - our career, our mission, responsibilities to others, authority, recognition... all of it out in the public world for others to see. This energy is very willful! It has a lot of Warrior energy in it. 

The opposition of Cancer - Capricorn calls forth the Mother - Father for all of us, the balance between inner and outer self. The power of this Full Moon may bring up issues with how we were parented, or how we are parenting ourselves, and how we nurture ourselves and others. These feelings may be hard to navigate, especially if they are old wounds. So use the energy of nurturing Cancer to sooth them. Go right into them and ask them what they need to heal. It may be that you need to have a good cry, write a letter and burn it (burning rituals are really good to do right now), take a bath, be near the ocean, make yourself a nourishing meal. Use the energy of Cancer for self healing. This is a really important thing to learn to do, to care for yourself and to heal your own wounds. In so many relationships I see people relying on their partner to heal their wounds, a responsibility that is not theirs to take on (or the opposite, you feeling like you want to heal the others wounds, they have a right to them, and we should not take that from them). When you can identify your own wounds, sit with them, and hold them, and have the wisdom to know that you can heal them on your own... they then become a source of empowerment. 

During this Full Moon take time for yourself. Whatever that means to you, stretch yourself a bit to go beyond what you think this means. Sometimes it means saying no to others. Notice how you give as well as how you receive. For some of us it's hard to do nice things for ourself, taking care of others might be more comfortable. Some of us make excuses for why we don't have time to do something good for ourselves. Really listen to your body and for the next two weeks practice giving it what it needs and is asking for. Get in touch with the receptive Female. Be your own Mother. 


  1. Great first full moon post of the new year. I have so much gratitude for you taking the time to write them.

    Really feeling the power of that energy bringing up issues of parenting and upbringing. Old wounds indeed...all intentions set toward healing at the moment. Light and love.

    1. Thanks Dana!
      take good GOOD care of yourself!