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Old Moon 
Wednesday, January 1st, Capricorn, 3:14am PST

I think we are quite lucky to have a New Moon on the 1st of the year. I don't care much for New Years Eve, but there is something really special about New Years Day. Though it is a day like any other, it seems to posses a freshness. I love how quiet it is and it is a wonderful time to go inwards, to be grateful for the past year and all it's blessings, experiences, and lessons. And with the New Moon today  it is an extra powerful time to look into the future and set intentions. 

Last night just before midnight I was out on a walk and had an amazing encounter with two huge Owls. They flew through the air swooping down so close to me, as one was right above me it let out a screech that went through every bone of my body. Owls are the ruler of the night and see in the darkness, they can see what others can not, which is the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived the Owl knows what is there. As a symbol they are a reminder that there is profound truth that can be found in the darkness, in the unknown. As we sit here on the first day of a new year, looking ahead, let us call upon the energy of the Owl to look into the darkness, into the unknown, and see what is coming our way.

When you are looking into the future and making commitments and setting intentions you have to be grounded, otherwise you will just be spinning, you might feel overwhelmed or confused. If you are ungrounded your desires will remain superficial and unheard. It is also easy to have resistance to setting intentions. Resistance can show up in many forms. The future is so unknown, to all of us, all the time. And it takes trust and work to link and align with the universe, to be in the flow of it, and to hear what it is calling you to do in this life. It is important to ground yourself so you can see/feel/hear into the future and connect with your soul and the truth of your heart.

As a little meditation today spend a moment sitting quietly in nature (you can also do this as a walking meditation). Imagine the soles of your feel opening up so you can breath through them, bringing breath up from the core of the earth through them and into you heart. Connect to the Sun and Moon the same way, bringing the light of the Sun down through your head into your heart, and bringing the energy of the Moon up through your feet to your heart. Connect with the earth below you, and if you know yourself to be a particularly ungrounded person imagine roots growing into the earth from your feet or your sit bone. Breath like this for a while, open yourself up. See if you can with your senses see, feel, or hear into your future this year. See if you can intuit what is coming your way, or what you may be being asked to do in to world. This takes practice, and discipline, and trust. The more you trust what comes to you the more open you will be to receive guidance and messages, the more connected you will feel to the universe and your purpose in this life. 

When you feel ready start making your wishes, intentions, goals from this grounded place. We all know the power of wishing, but there is a part missing, as wishing is based in the spirit realm (the masculine). It also needs the energy of the physical, feminine realm of the soul, to make it whole and more powerful. As you formulate each wish see it in front of you and then move it to something in nature that is near you, a rock, a tree, a flower, and gather it's energy. Then move it to something else near by and do the same. Do this a few times, each time gathering the energy and then moving it to something a bit farther away. Then send it to a star, the Sun, the Moon, and then bring it back in front of you. You can feel that it is bigger and has a real presence. Acknowledge it and really feel into the wish, feel what it will be like when it comes true, and then send it out into the universe. 

Do this for all ten of your wishes this New Moon. But also don't forget to write them down when you get home. This is an extremely powerful way to wish, something that should be respected, honored, and cherished. Let your wishes come from the truth of your heart and your soul. Add any other elements of ritual you wish: light a candle, burn some sage, give thanks, sing, dance, make an offering to nature of a piece of fruit or a flower, shed some tears, let something go, let out a yell, send someone love... but do it all with reverence and gratitude. 

Happy Wishing!

May we all be grateful for the many unknown blessings already on their way.

Wishing you all a magical New Year!

With love!

Herbert W. Franke, Cathode-ray oscilloscope, 1970

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