new moon // january


Wolf Moon
Thursday, January 30th, Aquarius, 1:38 pm PST

We entered this new year and this month with a New Moon and we are exiting the month with one as well. If you have been feeling a bit blue these last few weeks (or maybe two months) don't mistake it for something it's not. The Winter is a natural time to slow down and go with in. If you live in LA you need a little reminder that it is actually winter, with all the sunshine and warm temperatures we have been having. This is the time of year it is natural for your body to take more solo time, to go to bed earlier and sleep in later, and to go within. Think of the bear and how it hibernates in the winter, going within to digest the years experience. In it's cave the bear seeks answers while dreaming or hibernating.  Just as the bear withdraws from the outside world during these winter months, we can learn to withdraw from our outer entanglements and seek refuge within. In the silence is where the power of knowing is. It is also a natural time to be with our inner child: old wounds, deep emotions, experiences, imprints... around this might be coming up for you during this time. If this resonates with you take comfort in your knowing that you are in rhythm with the seasons. And it is important to use this energy that is coming up, create with it, write about it... just keep it moving, don't let it get stuck in your body.

The Moon has moved into the sign of Aquarius, it is a great time to revisit your New Moon wishes from the beginning of the year or make new ones. Aquarian energy is about being a visionary, looking far into the future. Use this as you sit down and make your wishes this month. We can access this energy to go up and asses our lives and others around us, and dream big as we look ahead, but it is also really important to ground that Air energy, to bring it back down into our bodies and into the earth. When you are wishing this month it might be a good idea to use the wishing meditation I wrote about at the beginning of the month, you can read about it here. It is a really powerful meditation you can use any time, but it seems like an ideal moment to make use of it. 

As always, you get ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The best time to wish is within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon. Within the first 48 is ok too. 

Aquarian energy is really intellectual, which is an opposing force that our bodies are feeling right now because of natural draw do go down into the darkness and into the void of Winter. You might be feeling this tension in your body. Make sure you are doing something physical to move this and connect the two energies. Taking a walk or dancing are perfect activities to do right now. 
*post New Moon note* if anyone else felt like this was an uncharacteristically strong New Moon you are not alone, in many ways it felt a lot like a Full Moon. Not it's normal gentle quiet New Moon energy, there was lots of confrontation and emotions and deep feelings coming up for people. And a time for lots of strong dreams too!

Happy New Moon Wishing!

L.A. Air, 1970 by Bruce Nauman