full moon // february


Wolf Moon
Friday, February 14th, Leo, 3:53 pm PST

There is no more fitting day for a Full Moon in Leo than on Valentine's Day! This alignment makes me smile head to toe! Leo energy is in the air today, feel its majestic warmth, passion, and desire to express one's own unique individuality! It's a day to let your fire express itself through your heart! 

What does that mean? Your fire is your truth, and almost all of us have disconnected the two. A lot of people repress their fire out of fear of it or judgment, most likely this happened when you were young, and at the time it was a way to protect yourself, or protect a very sacred aspect of yourself. But we all keep habits in our life that no longer serve us, and this is one of them. You can practice connecting the two with this little meditation. You can do it standing or laying down. Breath through your feet (this just means to imagine the breath coming up through the arches of your feet and then back down into the earth). Close your eyes and with your hands on your heart use your imagination and your body (feel free to move) to visualize yourself falling through fire, maybe it's flames, maybe it's like lava. How would you move? What is the gift of fire to your body? Just ask this question over and over, the first thing that comes to mind is always what you need to hear (the second is the mind chiming in!). You have to pull this fire energy up from the ground through your legs. Then imagine your body falls into the ocean, feel it going deeper and deeper. Then ask, what is the gift of water energy to your body? Then move that energy up to the heart and ask, what is the expression of these two gifts through my heart? Just keep asking over and over and go deeper into it. You will know right away when you get to it, you will feel it. You can do this as often as you like and you can add in: what is the deepest desire of my heart or what is the gift of the firey heart? The point is to practice reconnecting to two energies, the energy of your fire with that of your heart. What makes this meditation of the heart different than others you might do in your life in your own spiritual practice is that it's connecting you to a love from the Female (goddess, the body, the soul), which is personal love. That expansive unconditional love we are used to feeling is more of a universal love, which is from the Male (god, the mind, spirit). Both are needed, they work together, like dark and light. 

This balance of personal and universal love is also being mirrored right now in the sky, as the Moon is in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. The heart is Leo's domain, and from here Leo energy rules romance, leadership, and pleasure all with such passion, and all from the personal! Aquarian energy is more detached, and has the ability to see an infinite expanse, it can see into the future, and has a desire to serve humanity with a greater purpose. 

Moving on from how the skies are effecting our hearts to talking about how this Full Moon is tied into Mercury in retrograde. Yep, it's that time again. This is part of the reason you have have been feeling a funny energy in the air that you can't quite put your finger on... Mercury in retrograde. This year we will have three phases of this (Feb, June, Oct), all occurring in Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra ) (last year it was during Water signs, and our inward feelings were emphasized). This time of retrograde is bringing to the surface issues related to the linear mind, mental qualities, objectivity, understanding, clear perspective, and planning. We may be feeling uncomfortable or frustrated as this retrograde is flipping everything on it's end, and we must let go of our need to control what life is presenting us. Retrograde is a time to help us get unstuck and used to having things our way. Instead of getting upset about it just use it, let it point to the parts of yourself that are ready to evolve.

I will leave you with some of my very favorite writing on love, to this day nothing gets at it quite like this does. I wish you all a very happy St. Valentine's Day full of the many forms love takes in your life!

lucile godin