new moon - meditation



To begin with a happy note.... it's RAINING!
but, this means that we won't be able to have our meditation tomorrow in Cedar Grove.
There is only one reason I would happily cancel a circle and it's RAIN!

I will be rescheduling it for SATURDAY, MARCH 29th, right before the next New Moon.
I will send out an email reminder when we get closer to that time.
If you would like to be on the mailing list for circles, send me your email address.

Until then, lets enjoy and have lots of gratitude for this rain. 

Happy New Moon tomorrow!

N E W     M O O N    M E D I T A T I O N

Exchange with Nature

Join me on Saturday, March 1st in Cedar Grove for some movement, meditation and New Moon wishing!
2:00 - 4:00pm

We will meet at the top of Commonwealth Ave (see map). There is plenty of street parking. We will start our hike up to Cedar Grove at 2:00 pm. Please allow yourself enough time to get there so we can all enjoy the hike together, have space to notice the trees, watch the birds, feel the sun, smell the eucalyptus and cedar in the air, and relax before we start. 

Bring something with you or find something small during your hike up to the grove to contribute as an offering for the alter. 

Wear shoes you can hike/walk in. We will be sitting outside on the ground, bring what you will need to be comfortable, a mat, blanket, or be happy laying right on the earth. Dress in layers for the weather that day. You will also want to bring water with you. 

please RSVP to laurenspencerking@gmail.com

looking forward to breathing together under this New Moon!

check the blog in the event of weather for rescheduling information
If you arrive after we have left, hike up to the grover and find us


  1. I wish I was in LA too - this sounds perfect...

  2. I am also really curious about the meaning of the symbols in the corners of the poster - if you don't mind me askingLauren!

    1. me too OLGA!

      the symbols... because the meditation is outside i want to work the the elements, and wanted the image to hold some of that energy. so i have a mineral: earth, the triangle: the alchemical symbol for fire, the eye in the water in the container: a symbol i sort of made up that holds the energy of air (vision, the male) and water (wisdom, the female) and transformation.


    2. I love that you adapt and invent symbols rather then treating them as a dogma! I'd love to learn more about them - is there a book on alchemy symbols or something similar that you can recommend? (sorry to be so inquisitive!!) thank so much in advance Lauren!

    3. hi! don't worry - i love questions! :)

      i dont have one book, it's all sort of pieced together from different places and times in my life. some of it is alchemy related, some related more to Jung, some native american. i hate to say it but a simple google search would be a good intro. but also look at the old alchemical drawings. i am obsessed with them. bc a lot of the info was esoteric and meant to be hermetic and secretive a lot of the information was put into drawings, and the drawings were full of symbols that were meant to be read by those that knew what they meant. it insured it's purity and kept the information from being available to everyone. i think they are really amazing and interesting. there is a wonderful library in LA full of all of these books! but like i said, google is a good place to start. at least for images. if you want to read about alchemy my favorite book is called the hermetic tradition, it is a bit of a chore to get through but i loved it. a lot of the older original texts are really difficult to read for the same reasons. they wanted to keep the information and knowledge secret. or look at Jung's red book.

      hope that helps! :)

  3. Thanks Lauren! Definitely enough to get me started. :) so fascinating...

  4. :D Hey Lauren... Shouldn't the poster read 03 - 01 - 14? ;) <3

    1. yep ;)
      i always make one mistake, caught it right after i sent it out...
      oh well
      i think my brain wanted to see all those 1's. 3's, and 0's

    2. Oh I understand that completely! Everything in threes. Cool fact: when you add up 03-01-14 it makes 9! three threes! (: